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Message Subject Putin...what's his deal?
Poster Handle LeaderOfTheBand
Post Content
I'm confused.

Russia had no trouble invading Georgia in 2008 when there was a scrap on the border with Georgia, but now when pro-Russian Ukrainian's are being shredded (literally) Russia repeals legislation to allow them to use force in Ukraine.

I think Putin knows the West can crush him monetarily, so he's protecting his economy by showing the west he'll back off and he's sorry for being a bad, bad Putin.

Does anyone else think Putin is full of shit?
 Quoting: Frost1177

No, I don't think he's full of shit. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's sitting back and watching the West fuck itself over all by its lonesome.

He knows he doesn't have to push/instigate any further than is necessary. It's called strategy, and he's just patiently making his moves and letting everything else fall into play around him.
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