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Message Subject Putin...what's his deal?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1520466

See why i posted that now? Even if Putin publicly apologized to America, the Ukraine and Obama there is ppl in this place that would say it was a brilliant strategical move lol.

Fact is he has lost one of king chairs at the UN and now has the UN breathing down his neck in the ukraine where they were not before. Sanctions to deal with, which do matter, and has burned numerous bridges and in roads he worked very carefully to build with the world community over the years. But hey, he kinda has crimea. And only what? A few thousand had to die,
Russian and Ukrainian, to get it? Sweet deal huh?

All sense the Olympics.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1520466

Yes, I now understand the popcorn. :)

My thoughts exactly, I think I just had to talk myself through it.
 Quoting: Frost1177

It is what it is and ppl can think whatever they like obviously. I just personally have zero love or loyalty towards Putin, or Obama.

This is not a Putin vs Obama dynamic to me where you have to pick one or the other and not supporting one of them means you must support the other. What the hell is that?

This is just world politics and Putin is as power hungry and greasy as any politician on the planet. Him and Obama are two peas in a pod wearing different costumes and working different audiences. But not all that different at all. They both say whatever they need to while doing something else entirely. They both pretend to care about values and ideals they could give two shits about to control ppl as well.

Rant over.
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