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Message Subject Putin...what's his deal?
Poster Handle HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ
Post Content
I'm confused.

Russia had no trouble invading Georgia in 2008 when there was a scrap on the border with Georgia, but now when pro-Russian Ukrainian's are being shredded (literally) Russia repeals legislation to allow them to use force in Ukraine.

I think Putin knows the West can crush him monetarily, so he's protecting his economy by showing the west he'll back off and he's sorry for being a bad, bad Putin.

Does anyone else think Putin is full of shit?
 Quoting: Frost1177

The goal from the beginning of the Ukrainian "Spring" was to goad Russia into a large-scale military intervention in Ukraine. But Putin was one-step ahead of the game and secured Crimea (the only place where Russian national security interests were genuinely threatened) without firing a shot in a brilliant deployment of special forces - those "little green men." I think the West was caught off guard and was genuinely hoping for a larger conflict with Russia over Crimea.

Putin knows that the West is under the influence - Satanic influence - and that the demon has only one goal: destruction and chaos at any cost. That's what we are witnessing now in Syria and Iraq, and Putin is determined to reverse the course. This is more of a spiritual battle of wills than a war that can be won on the battlefield.

Genuine warriors understand that there are never any winners in any war, even those that are justified.
 Quoting: FreakObserver

Superb evaluation. I concur.
I feel it is the Banksters trying to steal what they can in Ukraine. 25% of the worlds best black dirt they grow 1/3 of the worlds corn, NON GMO, which pisses the Satanists and Monsanto off to no end.

Military conflict there will devalue this land, make it easier to bend the people to their will.
Disruption of normal life, planting, harvest, distribution,
Will slow the flow of corn, inhibit this year's and next years crops. Less going to market.
Large scale war or freaky weather or no gasoline or diesel for equipment, power plants blown up.....

Less corn out of Ukraine would raise Monsatan GMO TOXIC corn 50%........another goal, more food control and higher prices.

These fukks have screwing the people down to a fine science.

Where's the rope?

"America's Imperial March East is Ended"
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