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Message Subject BREAKING:: 3 quakes central oklahoma in the last 15 mins
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live just West of one shaking area and just South of another in Oklahoma. Not feeling much here, but I want to tell you all this: In the last few weeks, they have put these little yellow boxes all along a long street in my home town. About the time they appeared, a lady from an oil company started harassing my family about putting the same type of boxes on the family farm (they live in town, the farm is obviously out in the country). They are boxes that take seismic readings. My family initially refused because it would disturb the herd that was grazing, but what we got served with boiled down to "take the money, you can't fight it".

We want to deny fracking as a cause here, but I can tell you this and it may or may not be related. There are a lot of earthquakes around Enid and Enid is a boomtown. Housing is so scarce that people live in campers because the hotels are full and all of the hotel parking lots have oil company vehicles in them.

I also want to point this out. Fracking has been fast and furious in the Western part of the State for a long time and nothing is going on out there, seismically. That tends to be an argument against fracking as a cause. That's all well and good, but I think the latest fracking is along fault lines.
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