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Message Subject BREAKING:: 3 quakes central oklahoma in the last 15 mins
Poster Handle Exusiai
Post Content
On USGS i just saw it post as a 5.0, 1 minute later, downgraded to 3.8

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16884911

 Quoting: Simple27

This is not an uncommon practice for the USGS. They'll post the data from an initial reading, then pass it through a couple more computers for analysis and comparison from other instruments and then revise. Generally this means it'll go lower, though rarely it'll be an upward revision.

And if an 8.9 hits Oklahoma of all places we're in serious trouble. Probably kiss the Oogalala (or however it's spelled) aquifer good bye and you'd be having devastated areas from the Gulf all the way up into the Dakotas due to the geological makeup of the area.

A while back when the 4.7 hit down there we actually felt it here where I live and I'm pretty far away. Monitored the waves as they came in on a seismograph one of the school's hosts. Was pretty neat, but scary when you think about how much more powerful an 8.9 would be compared to that 4.7.
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