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Message Subject HELL - If you don't think there is a HELL!!! THINK AGAIN!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes there IS a place called HEL, and you Kristjans STOLE that from others who came before you, just the same as you did the rest of your deceitful dogma.

Even the name you plagiarized, removing the HEIM and adding a following 'L'.

The real HELHEIM is merely a holding area or storage place for the souls of the dead who did not qualify for Valhalla, where they await the end of the world at Ragnarok.

Those who die fighting for the Gods, in battle, with valor, spend that same time in Valhalla feasting with the Aesir, until the end when they go forth to battle the forces of evil as members of Odin's own Army.

The concept of Helheim was not unlike the Greek concept of Hades really, but the details differ.

There was no overtone of punishment or eternal agony, or torture in lakes of fire or any of those sorts of spiteful overtones that your quite mad and vindictive God so adores.

Have fun with that, in my humble estimation the majority of you do indeed deserve such a fate... and those of you who destroyed the faiths of others to control them under the yolk of your own are already there.

So gnash your OWN teeth fools, I shall be rewarded a better fate, and feast until eternity with the Aesir in Valhalla where the Brave will live forever.
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