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Message Subject Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan or Rubles
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ya know this county thrived just fine without import/exports.
We did just fine holding our own. We didn't rely on china or any other nation for the prosperity of America other than immigration. we didn't start having economic issues until we opened up the global markets buying everything from over seas and sending our jobs overseas. as soon as we did that, the writing was on the wall. Ross Perot was spot on with NAFTA Doom. just like Ron Paul is Spot On with everything else.

This country needs a serious ass kicking and hopefully the Stupid sleeping sheeple won't survive or hopefully wake the F UP.

The super rich has everyone over a barrel. and for sure they will remain super rich while the shit rolls down hill. What do they care about the little guy or even the underling.

Now with the rising global economies on the same level and flying past us there's a new superpower in town and it called super rich economic warfare. Someones getting kicked out of the sand box.

Who needs guns and bombs when you can totally annihilated your competition/enemy financially. The Art of War M*ther F*ckers.

You know your in denial. Get ready, bend over, here it comes....

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