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Message Subject Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan or Rubles
Poster Handle InTheHood
Post Content
If the dollar is not the reserve currency, then it is dead...

How much you paying for Groceries and Gas right now?!?!?

No inflation...gimmi a fuckin' break.
 Quoting: Saddletramp

10 to 15% annually and anyone with a brain can see that. Food and Energy removed from the equation??? Gimme a fucking break...

They should use the stock market as a barometer for inflation since that's where all the dollars are flowing. What rate would that be over the last few years?
 Quoting: Drunk Uncle

The 10-15% ties in w/my calcs. from 2000 forward on groceries, gas, personal products, close on electric/gas (that's all I used).

I agree about the SM. Yeah it went up, so say you put $10k into it in 2000 for comparison, and cashed out now. After you pay your taxes, fees, etc. now what can you buy with that $25k or whatever (not doing precise calcs, going off top of head).

If any financial guru's on board, it would be cool to see the actual calcs. on this, any takers?

Anyway, probably, my guess, after cashing out right now, you probably can't purchase anymore with your "gains" than you could have back in 2000 with your original $10k.
Might as well had it sitting liquid in the CU and avoided the fees/charges/taxes to the brokers/government. If you had a a lot invested, probably would have made out better paying off your mortgage and losing the interest.

And, income wise, I don't know a whole lot of people that have been getting healthy raises or that have kept up w/the inflation other than those that received big promotions, and/or have their own unique business that is doing well in this environment. Even those in tech./healthcare, etc. aren't keeping up.

The costs of everything relative to income is becoming extreme and getting worse, and don't even get me on my soapbox on the ACA boondoggle/fiasco; one of the last nails to go into the coffin, and I'm sure our infamous leaders have a few more to pound in before it's all over.
 Quoting: InTheHood

[link to www.shadowstats.com]

If you use the 1980 method of calculating Consumer Inflation we're running just over 10% right now...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

Thank You!
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