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Message Subject Rosetta Comet Orbiter -** 120 Icy Patches ** Philae Phones Home ** Ceres Fly Over Video ** New Coma Discovery ** Picture MOTHER LODE !
Poster Handle K Hall
Post Content
A cold surface, not thousand of degrees.

Where has Plasma/Electrical theory predicted that comets should be thousands of degrees?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60853632

It's not a theory, as I told you previously. You have no testable, falsifiable hypothesis that makes strong predictions and you have no confirming evidence.

Comets make comas, here is 67P's

[link to sci.esa.int]

Electric comet belief says coma and tail materials are produced from arcing on the surface of the comet.

"The observed jets of comets are electric arc discharges to the nucleus, producing “electrical discharge machining” (EDM) of the surface. The excavated material is accelerated into space along the jets’ observed filamentary arcs. "
[link to www.thunderbolts.info]


[link to www.thunderbolts.info (secure)]

And any good comet electrician will tell you "temperatures of an electric arc, which can be tens of thousands of degrees"

[link to www.holoscience.com]

So if 67P is producing a coma, which I have showed you and comas are produced from material "electrically sputtered" form the surface of comets at temperatures of "tens of thousands of degrees" and there is "no ice" to remove heat from the surface what temperature are we to assume you think it is. You people produce no testable models, no formulae, no numbers, just waffle.

The specific prediction is that where electrical machining occurs on the cliffs and angular surfaces (that shouldn't be there in classical theory) high energy plasma events will take place. How does your dirty sublimating snowball produce X-Rays?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60853632

Back to one of the first things I think I ever wrote on this site. Go read it and learn something.
Thread: Electric Universe and Electric Comet folks - ISON predictions wanted. (Page 7)

Why is Rosetta hotter than your dirty snowball prediction?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60853632

It isn't, It's warmer than a surface composed completely of ice could be, but Whipple, in his paper stated that cometary surface would be predominantly dusty, It's right there in the abstract to Whipple's paper I gave you. Since that early result, VIRTIS has been able to map the comet closer and has found warmer dusty patches and colder patches. The average temperature is only around 200K, so it is extremely cold in human terms.

A porous dusty surface, not rock or iron.

All photographed comets have had the same rocky appearance,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60853632

That's about as far as the analysis goes with you people. X looks a bit like Y so it is Y. You say craters are formed by sparky fun because they can look a little like welded surfaces, conveniently ignoring that fact that craters can be produced by impacts, volcanism, water scouring, explosive outgassing, suffosion, karst processes, bombs and a man with a shovel. To true believers they are all caused by sparky fun.

So you can tell the difference between a rocky surface and a dusty surface? Well VIRITIS says you're wrong, the thermal inertia of the surface is too low for it to be rocky, it is predominantly dusty ( very porous ).


more to come...

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