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Message Subject Rosetta Comet Orbiter -** 120 Icy Patches ** Philae Phones Home ** Ceres Fly Over Video ** New Coma Discovery ** Picture MOTHER LODE !
Poster Handle K Hall
Post Content
Ha, you are too quick replying!

Man with a shovel action ( see above) is self-evident on bodies like Vesta (a planetary embryo according to Nasa), Mars and Phobos to name just 3 in our system.
 Quoting: BG-Fan

There, fixed that for you. I remember some guy saying "I'm not going to post any videos or ramble about EU going forward here." If you want to talk about electrickery, keep it relevant to Rosetta and comet 67P. This is not a general electrickery thread.

If scientists are having to change their theory of planetary formation due to the data from Dawn on the asteroid Vesta.
 Quoting: BG-Fan

Vesta suffered a remelting event ( unique amongst large asteroids ) shortly after formation. You will tell me that was because it was plugged into the mains, most other people would conclude it was most likely a large impact event. I don't want this to become a Vesta thread though, why not start a Vesta thread of your own?

You asked something about the schedule of orbits and mapping before. I will check what I have written about that and if I didn't cover it properly I will make a new post about it. In the meantime, here is the schedule for orbital manoeuvres over the next few weeks.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

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