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Message Subject Rosetta Comet Orbiter -** 120 Icy Patches ** Philae Phones Home ** Ceres Fly Over Video ** New Coma Discovery ** Picture MOTHER LODE !
Poster Handle K Hall
Post Content
You say science has no way of knowing under what circumstances their electric comet can produce auroras? That's interesting.
 Quoting: BG-Fan

Really ? I said that, would you care to quote me? Of course plasma scientists can work it out they are the ones predicting the auroras.

"But Comet Siding Spring represents an opportunity to observe a natural experiment, in which a perturbation is applied and we can see the response."
 Quoting: BG-Fan

Yeah big woo. Neptune and Pluto were found through perturbation. Hundreds of exo-planets have been discovered through Doppler spectroscopy ( perturbation ). Rosetta used orbital perturbation three times from Earth and once from Mars on its way to 67P, that was a successful experiment.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Perturbation is about all the science and calculating I see concerning the coming possible Martian auroras in this article, that and magical magnetic umbrellas -- seems they have resorted to throwing shit against the wall.
 Quoting: BG-Fan


Was going to reply to a few other of your comments, but why bother, seems Nasa's electric asteroid has turned into an electric comet, which was only a matter of time imo -- mainly because of the coming Siding Springs encounter with Mars.
 Quoting: BG-Fan

Right, you should definitely do less drugs, no idea what you are on here.

Rosetta/Philae Mission
-closed data policy limits public access of data for 2 years. Most exciting time for public will be the week surrounding the Philae landing. The rest of the time is basically snoozefest for the public. The overall mission is fantastic accomplishment.
 Quoting: BG-Fan

You want the raw data? What the hell are you going to do with that 1rof1 ESA releases things for the general public pretty much every day about Rosetta. Whether you find them interesting or not IDK. The OSIRIS and NAVCAM images have been phenomenal and within a few days the resolution will have doubled again. The science briefing on arrival day was fascinating and they have continued to update science results. I have not written about everything here yet.

Siding Spring encounter with Mars
-incoming non-periodical will buzz Mars where there are 7 NASA/ESA assets to capture the event.
-not a mission so the data should flow freely, except maybe from MAVEN
-best chance so far to see and study a non-periodical
-being a non-periodical at perhaps its most active phase (near Mars) it should be quite a show
 Quoting: BG-Fan

Well there is no guarantee as to what you will see.

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