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Message Subject Rosetta Comet Orbiter -** 120 Icy Patches ** Philae Phones Home ** Ceres Fly Over Video ** New Coma Discovery ** Picture MOTHER LODE !
Poster Handle BG-Fan
Post Content
Images are raw data. 'I want my Rosetta TV and data for free'....lol

Maybe as time passes you can share what you are learning from the Rosetta mission data that is being released concerning comets and our solar system?

Where can one find the science updates? ...thx!
 Quoting: BG-Fan

RAW data, is not an Image.

A Raw file is…

• not an image file per se (it will require special software to view, though this software is easy to get).
• typically a proprietary format (with the exception of Adobe’s DNG format that isn’t widely used yet).
• at least 8 bits per color – red, green, and blue (12-bits per X,Y location), though most DSLRs record 12-bit color (36-bits per location).
 Quoting: [link to digital-photography-school.com]

The RAW file format is digital photography's equivalent of a negative in film photography: it contains untouched, "raw" pixel information straight from the digital camera's sensor. This is especially so when dealing with data from a spacecraft.
 Quoting: Glutomoto

I saw where some guy on the Rosetta blog said that comets are black, black like a black t-shirt, (which I had heard last year following ISON from the guy that some belittle here who said that Halley when first observed/imaged was one of the darkest things that astronomers had ever seen). This would mean that the images we are seeing on ESA's site from Rosetta are illuminated (or some other photography term). Is that correct?

It also might mean that the lighter spots on 67P don't necessarily mean icy spots. Is that correct also?

[I was kinda using the 'images as raw data' line as a segway to the Dire Straits joke, as I figured they really weren't.]

Thx for the reply as it gave me a chance to ask these ^^ questions!
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