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Islamic State militants turn to alternative social network in wake of ban from Twitter

Uncle Fuck Stick

User ID: 31053234
United States
08/21/2014 06:31 PM

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Islamic State militants turn to alternative social network in wake of ban from Twitter
[link to m.csmonitor.com]
Following a ban from more traditional social media services such as Twitter, members of the Islamic State militant group have started using a lesser-known platform called Diaspora, whose contents are harder to monitor and control.In the wake of bans from traditional social media sites like Twitter, members of the militant group the Islamic State have turned to a smaller, more diffuse platform called Diaspora.

"Various newspapers have reported that members of the Islamic State (IS) have set up accounts on diaspora* to promote the group's activities," reads a Wednesday blog post on Diaspora. "In the past, they have used Twitter and other platforms, and are now migrating to free and open source software (FOSS)."

Different from mainstream social media, Diaspora has no central server. Instead, the decentralized network relies on a series of smaller servers, each of which is responsible for moderating the content on its respective site. And because Diaspora is an open-source initiative, meaning people use the software however they choose, the core members of the Diaspora administrative team do not have a unified way of removing unwanted content from each individual node in the network, or what Diaspora calls a "pod."

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