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Subject whitley strieber's wife says that "everything he has ever written is fiction"
Poster Handle necramericanomicon
Post Content
thought this would be good for laughs for any strieber alien sports fans out there (like myself):

[link to www.martiansgohome.com]

Finally, here's a bombshell (if true!) from a letter to "MUFON Forum", written by someone named Warren Aston, as published in the May issue of the MUFON Journal: "... The one person on earth who is presumably closer to Whitley Strieber than any other - his wife - has affirmed to multiple people that everything he has ever written is fiction. In the presence of Clennys Mackay, MUFON's coordinator in Australia, and several others, she volunteered that information when we brought the Striebers to Brisbane for an International Conference in 1999."
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