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Message Subject whitley strieber's wife says that "everything he has ever written is fiction"
Poster Handle necramericanomicon
Post Content
maybe whitley's wife is getting even for his balling an alien honeypot on the side:

from John Mack's 1999 book "Passport to the Cosmos". The following paragraphs are direct quotes from the book:
Whitley Strieber spoke to me ( = John Mack - ed.) of experiences similar to Isabel's. "The sexual part of my relationship with the beings has been very complex and very rich and very difficult at times because I'm a married man. I've taken marriage vows, which I believe in. To an extent this aspect of it has been thrust on me, and it's not something I've been able to control. If it had been under my control, I would have felt very guilty."
There is a specific alien female with whom he feels mated. "It's like having a second wife with whom I have a secret relationship." "There was never a seduction," he said. "I would wake up in a state of sexual excitement, in mid-intercourse...The physical dynamic is different in the sense that the sensation of intercourse moves through your whole body, and you become totally devoted to it for longer than I do in normal intercourse."

In normal coitus, he said, orgasm can be "a very colorful moment, but in this, the power of the moment starts at the beginning and extends through the whole thing, and at the end I black out." It feels to him "as if a level of sexuality I'm normally not involved with is engaged. It's very, very powerful."
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