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Message Subject whitley strieber's wife says that "everything he has ever written is fiction"
Poster Handle Mephes
Post Content

Read the research of Dr. John Mack formerly of Harvard ( who is now deceased ).

The abduction of humans by aliens is apparently a FACT.

Facts do not "become" false, just because you are too afraid to face the truth.The more you know about this subject, the more you will accept it, and conquer your obvious fear.

Truth? It is wise to keep an objective viewpoint on these stories of "Alien Abduction", and that's exactly what they are- stories. The victims provide no photographs of their supposed abductors, no tangible evidence that the whole scenario has even occurred except for their own testimony and the odd scrape mark on their skin (which could have been self-inflicted).

In my opinion, I believe that many of these supposed "abductees" are victims of their own vivid imaginations.
 Quoting: Manticore

I hope you are right but attributing all the strange goings-on to "imagination" is lazy wishful thinking and frankly is not good enough. You might as well stop voting and "hope" whoever is elected is honest and willing to do right.
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