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United States
07/19/2006 07:46 PM
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By J.R. Nyquist

Since the tragedy of 9/11 we know that America faces a grave threat. We know about bin Laden and al Qaeda. We know about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. What is not understood is that we face a much bigger enemy. A more dangerous enemy, unsuspected by most of our leaders and the experts who advise them.

Who is this enemy?

In 1984 a book was published with the title New Lies for Old. It was written by Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. The book claimed that the Soviet Union had a secret long-term strategy to disarm and defeat the United States through a controlled collapse of the Soviet empire that would take place in the last decade of the twentieth century. In the book's most remarkable chapter, titled "The Final Phase," Golitsyn accurately described the future of the Soviet bloc. Communism would give up its monopoly of power in Russia, he explained, as apparent freedom and democracy would be introduced. The communist Warsaw Pact alliance would be dissolved. The Berlin Wall might be taken down and Germany united as "the key to progress toward a neutral, socialist Europe."

Controlled democratization and liberalization would be facilitated by communist agents within the dissident movements of Eastern Europe. As Golitsyn wrote, "the liberalization would be calculated and deceptive in that it would be introduced from above. It would be carried out by the party through its cells and individual members in government, the Supreme Soviet, the courts, and the electoral machinery and by the KGB through its agents among the intellectuals and scientists." (p. 339-340.)

Golitsyn's book has been dismissed as nonsense by CIA experts, pundits and journalists. "Yet of Golitsyn's falsifiable predictions, 139 out of 148 were fulfilled by the end of 1993 -- an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent," according to Mark Riebling's history of the FBI and CIA titled Wedge.

The correctness of Golitsyn's predictions have also been shown by researchers and journalists reporting on events in Eastern Europe. These include the stunning revelations of Andrei Codrescu about the 1989 Romanian Revolution, in his book The Hole in the Flag, as well as revelations by Polish author Darius Rohnka in his book Fatalna Fikcja ("The Fatal Fiction") and the works of Czech activist Petr Cibulka.

We also have the personal analysis of two GRU defectors. The famous spy and author, Viktor Rezun (a.k.a. Viktor Suvorov), told Christopher Story of Soviet Analyst that the collapse of the Soviet Union was undoubtedly a deception. When asked how Western intelligence could fail to see this deception, Rezun answered, "Because they are stupid." At the same time, GRU defector Stanislav Lunev has also suggested that the collapse of the Soviet Union must have been part of a strategic plan, although he says the plan went awry and led to the unintended derailment of Marxism-Leninism in the former bloc countries. However, he admits, this is no obstacle to Kremlin strategy, since Moscow's communist era objectives remain unchanged with KGB officer Vladimir Putin at the helm.

Evidence of a long range Soviet strategy of controlled democratization and fake collapse for the purpose of disarming the West also appears in the writings of the high level Czech defector Jan Sejna. In his 1982 book, We Will Bury You, Sejna wrote of a plan to “convince the Capitalist countries that they had no need of military alliances.” He added that, “To this end we envisaged that it might be necessary to dissolve the Warsaw Pact, in which event we had already prepared a web of bilateral defence arrangements, to be supervised by secret committees of Comecon.”

The evidence for strategic deception is rich and verifiable. It is not material invented by kooks, but solidly based in reality. Americans do not realize the extent to which the Chechen wars were Kremlin-inspired provocations, openly alluded to by Russia’s ranking Chechen official, Mufti Kadyrov. They do not realize the suspicious backgrounds of leading Chechen Muslims, or the fact that al Qaeda’s Number Two man spent several months in Russia only to be released under mysterious circumstances. Could it be a coincidence that terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky alleges that bin Laden’s acquired nuclear weapons via Chechnya, from Russian sources?

The pieces of the puzzle are in front of our eyes. But Americans will not believe their eyes. No matter how carefully the evidence is laid out, the public and American officials reject the idea of an ongoing Soviet deception strategy to bring America to its knees.

A few months before the attack on the World Trade Center, Fidel Castro visited Iran. He said that working together, they could bring down the United States. It is significant that Russia and China are now allied, and engage in regular joint military exercises. It is significant that communist dictators are emerging in Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil. It is also significant that Europe is slipping into “socialist neutrality.”

The danger is very great. But Americans will not believe in this danger because we feel superior. We feel invulnerable. Why should anyone conspire to destroy America? The answer is simple. The answer is that inferior nation-states, like inferior persons, sometimes hate those who are superior.

Julien Benda once wrote: “Our age is the age of the intellectual organization of political hatreds.” Now ask yourself who the organizers of political hatred are, and which nations have been targeted? Today, the central targets of organized political hatred are Israel and the United States.

First you hate, then you dehumanize, then you kill. That is the formula for mass destruction warfare. You don’t begin a war by nuking enemy cities. You begin by organizing hatred against target populations. You dehumanize your target. When you have united a large enough mass behind you, and they are eager for blood, then you can unleash your weapons of mass destruction. The world will stand up and cheer, and you will be its new master.

Hatred is a powerful unifying force. In his book, “The True Believer,” Eric Hoffer wrote: “hatred is not always directed against those who wronged us.” In fact, it is often directed at the good, the superior and the fortunate. Seeing that someone is superior to ourselves, we sometimes think ill of our abilities and prospects. “Self contempt produces in man the most unjust and criminal passions,” wrote Hoffer, who explained that hatred is often “an expression of a desperate effort to suppress an awareness of our inadequacy, worthlessness, guilt and other shortcomings of the self.”

If we look at the world around us, at the Arab world, the Chinese and the Russians, we find national inferiority complexes at work. And these help to explain the war preparations of Russia and China, and their justification by officials like Gen. Chi Haotian of China’s Communist Party Central Military Commission, who said in 1999: “War [with American imperialism] is inevitable. We cannot avoid it.” He also explained, “We must be prepared to fight for one year, two years, or even longer.”

[link to thefinalphaseforum.no_link.com]
User ID: 88593
United States
07/19/2006 08:01 PM
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Scenarios of a Nuclear War

Scenario 1

Russian nuclear bombardment of America is in progress, decimating the country

by nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, which first came disguised as "Islamic terrorism". The ground troops are only sent after the radiation is lower and the troops can enter the territory safely.

There was a man in a small town, who surrounded by a group of Catholics, understood what will happen and didn't listen to what the Church in hands of "progressive forces" told him to think.

He was ready to protect his family and help those who were willing to quit their hedonistic un-Godly lifestyle and learn the lesson of humility. But such people ridiculed this because it was "too extreme", these people simply didn't believe

that Russian "former" communists could be capable of such brutality and that

they would in fact attack the United States and start the nuclear holocaust.

In the aftermath of the first strike no communications were established, the country was totally paralyzed. Panic was everywhere, many bigger cities and almost all U.S. military basis were attacked and destroyed.

The only remaining force that could still protect the country was the U.S. Navy submarines, some remaining aircraft carriers of the Pacific Battle Group, some of the forces that survived Chinese and Russian attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that was only a token force which didn't show whole lot of future hopes for survival.

Washington D.C. was totally wiped out, nobody even knew whether this was not done by a "truck bomb", which possibility was later declared as accurate - and in many such cases also the same strategy was used by the already pre-positioned Russian and Chinese special forces against the U.S. military command and most

of the Air Force and U.S. Army basis in the mainland, Alaska etc.

So this man knew that while Russia is the enemy, he has to do everything possible not to get caught by the communists and to remain protected by the very Catholic Faith he didn't betray, as almost all the rest of the town did.

Russian and Chinese ground troops followed soon after, most of them were dispatched disguised on Chinese and hijacked European ocean container ships. Special orders were issued to these forces not to take too many prisoners, only secure their positions and continue to press the remnant opposition forces - the surrender of these remaining Americans were expected in some time after the invasion.

Voices of surrender were present in town meetings and the chaotic situation escalated in small fights among the people, some were killed. The situation

became even more hopeless when the "news" arrived that the leadership of

America has already surrenders, which "news" were later discovered as false and deliberately spread by the paid communist agents, mostly American citizens, in order to prevent Americans from fighting or at least to spread more chaos and disunity - and that was partially achieved.

John, as such was this man's name, knew also that while the priest in his small church was traditional and never surrendered the true Catholic Faith, that by protecting this priest from being killed, the Sacraments, namely the Holy Sacrifice

of the Mass, can continue as long as the people are alive and the priest remains protected.

These very few folks moved out of town, escaped with all food and weapons they had, into the woods nearby, securing their positions and setting up a "field church", where the father said Mass every day, using substitute "bread" for the Body of Christ and little wine they had left as the Precious Blood of Our Lord.

The situation was critical, but it also showed the people that it was worth to be in such testing times, tested by God Himself, and it was every day understood among them that while they would soon be fighting for their lives, they rather will all die - so they may live forever....

And so it was, all encouraged by this brave priest and by people as John, they continued with prayers and penance, and when the time came and Russians were closing in, these brave and true Catholic faithful fought back and died, but remained in the state of grace protecting them from all harm of the devil, who organized and controls all such communist evil.... to capture and destroy these souls forever.

The rest of the country was shortly turned into several "communist re-education camps" in which no Catholic Faith was allowed being mentioned. All Catholic priests, nuns and monks caught by the communists were murdered, some without the true Sacraments, which they've never known, for they have accepted the Vatican II scheme and therefore God withheld His protection from them - for they have betrayed Him.

Many of them denied Catholic tradition and remained available and "obedient"

to the "new (Protestant cult and therefore heretical) doctrine" of the Vatican II Council.....

There is of course the end to this story, which is foretold to us by God Himself, but it wouldn't serve a purpose to give people false hopes so that they may remain in apathy, inaction, or they even may continue to ridicule these warnings.

As the people ridiculed Noah when he followed God's Command and built the Ark, so these so-called Catholics ridicule those who wouldn't dare to disobey God's message of Fatima, when Our Blessed Mother foretold us all we need to know about Russia and her evil communist "errors".....

Next, we can easily discuss the proximate situation in Russian occupied [or destroyed] Rome, and so we should, but I am guessing now that since very few do understand what has to be done and that prayers only will not suffice this time [for God is angry with His children as He was angry with the Children of Israel and made them live in a dessert for 40 years], the scenario of Rome and the once very Catholic Europe being taken over by these Russian communist barbarians is maybe clear and maybe already visible.

The question we must ask ourselves is this:

How can we still call ourselves Catholics when we are so silent to what has happened to Our Church, when we don't fight back and demand changes, when we are being set up for a world-wide communist slavery, a slavery that will never allow Our True Apostolic Faith to exist [never mind just that - no false religion will be allowed to exist, the word God will be prohibited and the only "religion" allowed will be the communist atheistic one.....]..?

When Spanish Catholics fought back in 1936 during the attempted and failed communist civil war against this then Catholic country, people didn't really grasp the reality of the situation in terms of history and historical precedent, which is that once the communist war machine starts rolling, even with set backs and lost wars, the master behind these communists, the devil, will not rest till he is firmly in command of the souls.

We know, from the mouth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, that this will not happen and the "....gates of hell will not prevail against it ....(the Church).....",

but that doesn't mean that many souls will not perish in such horrible times.

The Church will always be here, but in what kind of state the Christendom be, that is what we must ask and be ready to answer. Christ let such evil people spill His Blood, so that by this sacrifice we may be able to enter Heaven once again [after Adam and Eve by sinning against God turned the wrath of the original sin upon us and till the Redeemer came to rescue, Heaven's Gates were closed], but now aren't we also called to make sacrifice for Christ and His Mystical Body - the One, Holy, Apostolic Catholic Church ?

So the task is to save souls for Christ, as many as we are able to help save, and rather die trying than to test our Faith in communist "specialized and experienced mind-changing concentration camps...."

For can you risk that for a small piece of bread you will call Marx and Lenin your "messiahs" and deny God so that you will not die as for example Terry Schiavo did [as now appears we were perhaps shown by God in her case the end of those who become captive] .... ?

We can quote the Popes who warned about communism, but these works you can read yourselves, but again, as many people rather invest their precious time into recreation and hedonistic lifestyle, so also these will not learn perhaps what could be there tool to salvation, not of their miserable little bodies, but of their immortal soul.

That again is something that is worth fighting and dying for.

Don't believe it ? Well, one day, perhaps soon,

you may, and some of you most certainly will.

May God guide your steps ..... forever.

Coming up Scenario 2 [if needed]......

[link to www.anti-communistanalyst.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 119520
United States
07/19/2006 08:03 PM
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What a load of crap! stir

User ID: 119543
United States
07/19/2006 08:10 PM
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Hmm... Russia attacking the US?


But the world will not come under such Tyranny. There will be peace and a new people shall rise up. Truth, Courage, Honor, and Love will reign supreme again.

I am going to play to win.

And by the Gods, I shall. l33t superman
Going to Save the World...

Join me! Be A Leader Of Your Destiny!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 653234
United States
06/23/2009 06:58 PM
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 710185
United States
06/23/2009 07:58 PM
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The Enemies: Rothschild & Rockefeller