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Message Subject Israelís Indiscriminate Onslaughts - Targeting Civilians As Deliberate Strategy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

>>Hezbollah are firing rockets from civillian houses - dont they care about civillians?
what-are you some kind of low grade moron?

What has Hezbolah to do with destroying Lebanon?

They knew perfectly well that the Israeli response would be massive - the same as gaza - they are hoping that so many civilians will be killed that syria and iran are dragged into the maelstrom

The fairy tale that they are inter- twined-yeah, and the Loch ness monster is real.

Hezbollah has 40% of the seats in the government - or didn't you realise that

You seem to forget, LGM (Low Grade Moron) that few, if any Hezbolah sells make it into Israel-they are more like bottle rockets;

There are thousands landing in israel you cretin! and I repeat, tergetting of civilians is a war crime is it not?
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