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Message Subject Bigfoot shot in Canada!
Poster Handle Isaac Brock died for us
Post Content
no one commented on the story that this post is about! Only the Rez story?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 85587

The hunter, Peter, seems very knowledgeable and the dialogue does not sound like that of one trying to tell a tall tale.

To my knowledge, a wendigo is not the same as a sasquatch, which is a western Canadian word for the Northern swamp ogre.
The wendigo of the Nishnawbe (Ojibway) language is the tormented evil spirit of somebody who resorted to cannibalism and ate their own children during a harsh winter.

I would rather meet a sasquatch than a wendigo.

Native people have many legends, based on their experiences on the land. For instance, the Dene of the NWT tell of giant beavers that could swamp a canoe. Fossils of these have been found, but from before the ice age. Certainly the natives could have discovered earlier fossils and based their legends on those,.. or perhaps some survived the Ice Age and were killed off by Yamori as the legend states.
If they say there are sasquatches, there must have been some evidence for this. Tibetans are convinced that the Yetis is real.
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