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Texas City Terror Alert: 8/8 & 8/28 (Attn: Archbishop Fiorenza!!!)

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United States
07/29/2006 02:30 AM
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Texas City Terror Alert: 8/8 & 8/28 (Attn: Archbishop Fiorenza!!!)
Leon Smith, Editor-in-Chief
Lone Star Iconoclast

Dear Mr. Smith,

You know and have published me as a former Army intelligence and general staff officer. For the last two months I've been in contact with you about the danger to the residents of Southeast Texas, particularly those from Beaumont to Texas City and Houston, of a terror attack. You have published my analysis in your Lone Star Iconoclast four of the last five weeks, indicating that you find my work credible and newsworthy. After a conversation with you that just ended an hour ago, I believe you can see my reasons for thinking that the target zone along the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast has become active, and is in high danger of terror events on 8/8 and 8/28. The federal announcement, just this morning, of an Al Zawahiri Al Qaeda threat to attack Western interests supports my concerns.

Meet Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza

The information I brought to your attention back in May was what I had already brought -- in documented form -- to the attention of Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, the former president of the National Council of Bishops, on May 22, 2006. Through meetings with his diocesan staff, I provided him with the same information you have received, including my certificate of emergency baptism, administered by the Jesuit Order July 11, 2005 because of the danger of death they agreed I was risking by doing the investigative work that they urged me to do -- to save lives.

Archbishop Fiorenza's staff informed me in a later meeting that he wanted me to do everything possible to safeguard the lives of his archdiocese, and to do whatever I could to prove and publish my analysis of a Texas target zone for a future terror attack -- analysis that had already been sanctioned by the Jesuit priests who knew my work and baptized me so that I could continue it without fear.

Again, my emergency meeting with the archdiocesan staff was on May 22; the next day, May 23, I posted an article to various officials in the archdiocese -- and to the Jesuits who baptized me. Its title is Report to Jesuit Order: TERROR ALERT (Southeast Texas): [link to ca.groups.yahoo.com] I believe it shows just how dangerous I considered the matter of a Houston-area terror strike to be.

Meet Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell

The information I took to Archbishop Fiorenza to prove that Southeast Texas was in danger of a terror act had been provided me by Sergeant First Class Donald, an active duty intelligence soldier, on May 13, 2006. He had followed my work in my interviews and publications and correctly thought that information he had received would be of interest to me. He stated outright that he was concerned that there was a terror set-up in preparation.

I provided copies of the faxed intelligence he had provided from his duty position in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, to the archdiocesan staff. As it turns out, while I was turning to the archdiocese for help saving the lives of those we were warning, SFC Buswell nearly lost his. He was out of touch during the week of May 22-26, but sent me word as to why that Friday evening:

donald.buswell@us.army.mil wrote:

From: <donald.buswell@us.army.mil>
To: Captain May <captainmay@prodigy.net>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 10:37:00 -0500
Subject: P.E.

CPT May,
I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism in my left lung this past Sat evening. I will be taking a low-profile in G.T. as I recover. This is no joke. A blood clot came from my injured left leg into my heart, and got stuck in my left lung; the pain has been pretty spectacular! Well, the GT emailings that I get I will scan the Subject line, if it looks great I will open it up, but I must cut back and rest...take care, stay in touch!
SFC Buswell


Back to Mr. Smith:
I believe that the pulmonary embolism that very nearly killed my brave comrade had been induced as an attempt to silence him, and keep him from helping me to save lives. In later conversations, we both agreed that it was likely a botched assassination attempt, intended to kill him and classify his death as a natural one. Induced pulmonary embolisms are a standard -- and favorite -- assassination technique in intelligence work. SFC Buswell is currently being held in silence at Ft. Sam Houston, and has sent me a resignation (coerced, I believe) from my special intelligence group, Ghost Troop:

donald.buswell@us.army.mil wrote:

To: ghosttroop@yahoogroups.ca
From: <donald.buswell@us.army.mil>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:18:50 -0500
Subject: [ghosttroop] GT Buswell Resignation

CPT May,
14 July 2006

Regretably, I hereby resign from all membership in Ghost Troop (GT) effective immediately. I ask to be removed from all GT mailings at this time. My reasoning is simple; I have been moved this past Monday to a Top Secret facility in my day to day duties and can't afford to have any appearances of improper alliances where I could be accused of collecting for GT.

Please know that if I am in a position to save lives and see illegal activities go on, and in my duties as a NCO I will step up and be heard all in accordance with the Oath of Enlistment I took five times over the past 19 years.

I am proud to have offered my .02 cents worth of analysis in GT over the past 3 months, and feel GT is a valid organization worthy of success which I continue to hope for.

Donald Buswell

Back to Mr. Smith:
I think it's clear enough from what's above that the Jesuits were not in ignorance of the true nature of things when they baptized me under emergency conditions over a year ago. I hope that my continuing to publish the intelligence analysis that you have been running nation-wide through the Lone Star Iconoclast will make it harder, not easier, for people who are aiming to take American lives to harm or kill men like SFC Buswell and me.

The alert was proved valid, incidentally

Our alert to Southeast Texas turned out to be valid, as you know. The explosion of the Exxon Mobil plant in Baytown, Texas, occurred on July 2, 2006 -- a day later than the prediction I had been making to you for a couple of weeks, at that point. A national intelligence magazine, Conspiracy Nation, ran my prediction of an event like the Baytown explosion a week before the event happened: [link to www.shout.net]

The local police and media are keeping the matter covered up because they are being told that this is a matter of "national security," but you and I know better. There is a criminal conspiracy to blow up petrochemical refineries and take lives in the process, it's that simple. I nearly lost a man's life by leading him into this necessary mission of conscience, and I may still lose my own, but we've proved by our very self-endangerment that there is a criminal conspiracy risking lives here in Texas. We've never been cranks, spinning out conspiracy theories; we've been trained intelligence professionals making sense out of things that are being held back from the public.

Again, the dates 8/8 and 8/28 are the specific dangers, and the Southeast Texas Coast -- from Beaumont to Texas City then up to Houston -- are in the cross hairs of a terror set-up. I will publish more details as they become clearer to me, very likely through the Lone Star Iconoclast or another widely-known publication.

I believe that citizens of Southeast Texas will find this email to you of great interest. I ask their continued prayers for SFC Buswell and me -- and all our many helpers in Ghost Troop -- as we try to do our duty in these most hazardous times. There's no doubt that we are praying for them, and acting on their behalf. I refer those interested in better knowing my work in analyzing the Southeast Texas target area to refer to my most recent analysis, which provides a good summary of the work we have done since my baptism to defend the area against terror attack: [link to www.lonestaricon.com]

Best regards,

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS: The code analysis in the article above may be a bit technical, but it was the part of my intelligence work that impressed the Jesuits the most, I believe. They apparently already knew much that I was just learning about when it came to the war conspiracy, and the players involved in it.


[link to http:]

This document is part of the Texas City Inquest on the Nuclear 911

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Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 123676
United States
07/29/2006 02:40 AM
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Re: Texas City Terror Alert: 8/8 & 8/28 (Attn: Archbishop Fiorenza!!!)


BEWARE OF THESE DATES 8/8/2006 AND 8/28/2006.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 122435
United States
07/29/2006 02:41 AM
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Re: Texas City Terror Alert: 8/8 & 8/28 (Attn: Archbishop Fiorenza!!!)
Capt. May seems to be a troll sliced with idiocy. Predicts all the doom then claims he stopped it by saying it was going to happen.