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Wake up and smell the TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/31/2006 05:35 PM
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Wake up and smell the TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the Council on Foreign Relations and the gang that doesn't think straight (the "steal the US" group in DC), are working full speed to tear down the Mexico border and "merge" Mexico with the US (and Canada) including a new currency to replace the US Dollar. You can read the details of how George Bush and his corporate pals are selling out our beloved Constitutional Principle at the government's web site www.spp.gov. Spun by naming it the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, the real plan is to steal direct representation by putting in an "uber layer" of unelected officials to "run" a North American equivalent of Europe in what was at one time, our hard fought sovereign country.

There's a cute trick to how they're doing it, too. By calling the paperwork with Mexico "agreements", the Decider in Chief's minions can sign away your sovereignty without CONgressional review. Wouldn't want to wake those good old boys up, but if this was on the up-and-up, these "agreements" would be called what they really are - TREATIES - and that would force the GOB's to at least be answerable to voters. Thief in the night stuff, for sure.

More than one reader has suggested that any official of government or private organization, seemingly bent on selling out independent America, should be brought up on treason charges. I can't find any reason to disagree.