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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Mustis
Post Content
If they were the good guys, they wouldn't need to operate in the background.

They have knowledge which can not be revealed to those who are not ready for it. Thus they have the right for secrecy.
 Quoting: eScrew

I agree with you. Very few has understanding to accept higher information. Secrecy is good until humanity is ready to accept information, but people are not ready for it yet. I also understand, without TPTB world could be in bigger mess than it is.

Without TPTB(illuminati) power struggle could destroy this planet, it is good someone is in control and taking care of things and doesnt let planet earth get destroyed. Good example what could happen without TPTB is Roman empire, every second year emperor was assassinated. Without TPTB everyone were free to get piece of power and kill whoever they wanted to.

[link to www.allempires.com]

Lis of fate of emperors. As you can see, without permanent power hierarchy, power struggle will cause lot of chaos and mess.....but people are unable to see things from this point of view and I cannot blame them. Everything has a purpose...and few are chosen to control herd...
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