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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle hegimon
Post Content
just came across this, relise its old but very interesting. the term illuminati basically means, illuminated ones, the ones with the knowledge (without going into the depths of linguistics). now we know that, with great power comes great responsibility.

throughout time, knowledge has been used either to enlighten, or to control. both faced with 2 problems,


1. the knowledge itself might be destructive in the wrong hands

2. introducing knowledge to a society that canont handle it could lead to its destruction

control :

1. the knowledge held in the hands of the few could be lost

2. the knowledge, either good or bad, will be scorned by people when/if they find out they have been deceived

either way you go, problems will arive

its easy to say "the people have a right to know, honisty is the best policy" where as its also to assume that people are not ready for certain inforamtion, that they are "stupid"
but both put into application is a diffrent story.

imagine roswell, say that aliens did land. the usa government had 2 choices, 1. tell the truth, 2. cover it up.

1. they tell the truth, the world, still young to the concepts of electricty, elctromagnatism, radiowaves, longrange communication,computers, micro biolgy..etc has a new thing that they cant even comprehend. the young are allready disillusioned by countless wars, hightened tensions between the world superpowers and have turned to alternate theorys and life styles. the old are being left behind, there ways are fast becoming obsolete, they feel unwanted and alienated by the new world. hell, some still remember the good old days of the 19th/early 20th century.

these aliens just appear, say hi. what then? could the world, that cannot even support itself, with more than 90% of the world living in poverty, wartorn states. handle such a thing? would this lead to WW3? what if this led to an intergalactic war?

am i just being negative? for all i know, this could have led to the advent of a new era, one of peace, knowledge and understanding. but i dont think so.

what about all these religious institutions that are founded on the fact that we are the children of god, the center of the universe. that we all came from the garden of eden (or whatever). hundreds of millions of people would have to question there very existance. what then? would people be angry that they have been lied to? would fundamentalist's deny the information, saying its the "devil". would they even become violent? or brake away from their heratic brother and sisters? i find it very doubtfull that eveything would just be peachy.

to build a new house, you need to move some rocks.

so many other issues that i could go on forever about, so lets move on.

2.they cover it up. the american government denys all knowledge and information about the situation. other sections of the government not in the know become suspicious, people become suspicious and, with the evergrowing hatred for "the man" start to brake away. they begin to form there own opinions with what ever information they can get, even if its wrong. other governments, hearing all the comotion get involved. they want to know whats really going on. inteligence agencys go haywire, with all this information and dissinformation floating about, what to belive and what to ignore becomes a more blured line by the second. the government now cannot admit that their administration lied to the people, that would be suicide.

meh, im loosing steam, loosing my point.

basicly, to hold the view that the illuminati are evil is stupid.
what do you really know about them, and what they do? nothing. nothing at all, sure u know random peices of info that COULD be true, just as much as it could be false. for all you know, they could be saving the multiverse on a daily basis.

but also, to hold the view that the illuminati are good is also stupid.
for all we know, they could be the most evil bastards on the planet.

i think at the end of the day. we all need to truly think about what we really feel and think about what they are doing. diffrent possibillitys and what would happen if things were diffrent. what would REALLY happen, and not just some idealistic view.

just for the record.

i do think that a one world government is needed. that people need to throwaway this whole thing about, ohh im from here, your from there and we should all work together for the common good.
but i fucking hate how it is being done, people are being left in the dark, they care about stupid things like X-factor or bigbrother more than the fact that as i write this, thousands of people have died for no reason, other than that the people that can help dont give a shit. people are being minpulated and controled into a state of fear.

the whole world is becoming more stupid and stupid by the second. and we need to wake up. and that applys to alot of people who would read this also, who get caught in the fantasy of the illuminati, rather than looking at the bigger picture. who get their knowledge from all these people who claim to know what there talking about, rather than picking up a book and learning themselfs. allthese people, jorden maxwell, David dIcke, agent provocateur and many others. take one thing that is true, and turn it into crazy things. they talk out there ass about 90% of the time. on purpose or not, who knows. but 1 thing is sure. dont listen to these people and take what they say at face value. i have learnt alot from what these people say, but i have learnt SOOOO much more from doing my own research, finding out what they say is wrong and learning the real truth.

jorden maxwell inspired me to learn egyptain heiroglyphs and investigate ancient texts but when i did, i found out that most of what he says is aload of bullcrap. he makes up half of his stuff because he knows most people cant tell him he's wrong.

the whole world needs to grow up.

what if the masons and illuminati are the good guys?

if we become illuminated, then for certain we will be

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