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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle mikepoo
Post Content
you speak of the knowledge that they hold that they cant reveal. it sounds alot like the knowledge of good and evil. the knowledge of good which is god or ( jesus christ) and the knowledge of evil which would be the knowledge of man who invented all these things today that kill people every thing we invent for benefit it turns against us. cars=pollute the earth weapons=kill people and were not needed before the tree of knowledge so knowledge of man has led us now where but to see our planet which god created for us fade away. and just so you know god says in romans before their was law their was no sin and becuase we ate the apple of the tree of knowledge god had to make law so we would know of right and wrong because we were now full of knowledge of good and evil instead of just the knowledge of good.,... so i think we can all see how far knowledge of man has gotten us how many times do we have to fail before we will see that true knowledge is knowledge in jesus christ
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