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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You sir, have won the right to claim you are one of the most ignorant people that has ever walked the face of the earth.

They have become Gods huh. Really. Then why do they still live on earth. Why is the world so full of chaos. Because they confuse the word God, with the exhibition of power. They are not the same.

Also you say because things are recorded by these "Gods" that this will solve the problem of lawlessness.

No it will not, and putting the power of your life into the hands of MAN that thinks he is a God, is a sure sign you sir are a

FUCKING IDIOT with masochist tendencies.

You like to jerk off and taste your semen, because you think it has God powers,

You are a demented creature with a lifeforce that will soon find out what is after death.

You speak of things you nothing about.
 Quoting: Dash Hammick

it seems to me alot of people these days tend to meet shit they are scared of with persecution and hatred. your one of them. it's a plain and simple emotional response. just like it was when our Consciousness awoke and started learning and loving the opposite of nothing experiance that is life. we met the thought of life ending with fear. which enforced our universe controlling powers that we call "beleif" of "faith" with focused our power on DEATH. and that made it happen. billions and billions of infinite time over. until now. when we are able to learn; death is gods addiction and we truly should only fear fear itself. also that we really do have universal power to make the heaven or hell of our choosing here and now. he says they are gods because they simply realized that there is nothing to fear. period. why? because they, we, me, YOU are in control. period.
stop being angry and realize before you leave yourself behind. again.
start with the debate; astral projection versus video games,
whats better?
maybe youll really begin to question life with the mind and ability wtfgod gave humanity.
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