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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Amsu
Post Content
well actually We the illuminati are the good guys... n that is fact. course given the relativity of things, We are also the bad guys; beyond good n evil. We gave you the constitution n Declaration of Independence. Life, Liberty, n the pursuit of happiness. Do you think the pope or some grand muslim umpah loomah would give you that? No, We did. They make rules about what you can and cannot do, We give you freedom... n it's a freedom the masses constantly corrupt n suppress, so yes We have animosity towards the dumb ignorant cattle. In fact none here measured up to Our standard of liberty, so Our contempt for you people is great, so great that only your spilt blood satisfies Our wrath. oh n yes We are gods; Jesus himself said it, "Ye are gods yet know it not." Hell, We even give you the freedom to challenge God, challenge n insult Us... We have no grand inquisitions like the pope going after those that offend Our name, unlike christianity, judaism, and islam. No, We even gave you the freedom to insult Us. n therin lies a great mystery of Satan; the power to challenge God. Who's stronger, the mindless cattle that go along with the master? Or the one that mindfully challenges the master? n if the master can't take the challenge, is he really the master? well now, now that we've established that you are slaves with or without Us... is it Our fault if We use slaves to better Our position? It's a cruel hard world, n like the blind man in Plato's cave, it takes time for you to understand the concept of liberty. Time for you to comprehend the mysteries We already comprehend. You demonize Us, like the nazis did the Jews; ya'll must have eaten too many paint chips when you were young. The old world is one of slavery, both apparent n not so much so... the New World Order is one of Liberty, n rightful hierarchy.

Ordo ab Chao

Novus Ordo Seclorum
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