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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If they are masters of the occult it would be safe to assume that they've already discovered that surving demons or satan is very primitive occult practice. According to my theory only small minority of their low ranking members do that. The reason some of them do that is because this is the easiest way to become part of the occult world although it is also the most dangerous one. High ranking members think they are Gods and therefore there is no need for human sacrifice or worship of any kind. What if their chip implant program will help to illiminate all domestic violence? That would be a good thing don't you think? Also, no more murders, rapes or theft. Everything you do is recorded so who would be so crazy to break the law?
 Quoting: eScrew

They WERE the good guys.

Look at the roots of free masonry.

A massive, all ruling church was the law and told people what do do.

If the priest said at sunday morning:
"It´s not okay to harvest your hay on gods celebration day"

than the hay got wet and people and their animals starved trough the winter.

That is how it was.

The church kept people stupid and the aristocrats kept them poor.

But there were people, that could read (!) because they needed that for their job .. which was basically building stuff for church and aristocrats.

And those people could read, not only the parts of the bible the priests never mentioned but also other books and letters they wrote to people like minded.

Mostly those were the architects of the cathedrals we still admire today.
And they were sick of their masters and their omnipotent behavior .. caused by "sent by god to rule" attitude.

So they connected, they used symbols like the first hidden christians did (all those freemason symbols are architect and workers tools).

A king like those crazy guy building Versailles did not care if 10 people died daily because he wanted a swamp removed for his garden .. and those first freemasons hated this attitude.

They were, as they called themselves "humanists" and wanted to remove the old order ... and they did in the french revolution and with Luther .. which, very likely most american "christians" still somehow are related to (WASPs).

So basically they had success but as always, what starts with good intentions gets corrupted.

This happens to any human organization throughout history.

Today "humanists" seem to be the biggest threat to freedom of the people because instead of "helping" people to live a better live they think they "know" what is good for you.

Which is caused because they got eaten up by socialism which is the real enemy.
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