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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Munchmallow
Post Content
Many of you may not share my reasonings and beliefs but nevertheless bear with me.

First of all i find it very ignorant that millions of people speak on this topic every day without actually presenting any concrete facts to support their beliefs. If all you have as an argument is the triangle Jay-Z makes with his hands then you utterly fail as a human being. No matter how many videos you google, how many books you read, and how many passages from the Bible you have deciphered i'm afraid you will never know the real truth behind it all. None of us will. It is very easy to just point the finger at Masons and a secret Bavarian organisation and brand them as the upcoming doom that will swallow us all. Very few things in this world are factual. Remember facts can be twisted and truths can be bended. I'm not saying that there isn't a shadowy organisation pulling all the strings, nor am i saying that there is one. All i'm saying is don't be so quick to jump the gun on everything you hear and see...looks can be deceiving. Have you ever thought of the possibility that there indeed is a shadowy organisation made up of the richest and smartest people on the world, and the Masons are being used by them as cannon fodder that takes up all the blame on their behalf, so that at the end of the day the elite themselves wouldn't be lynched? Didn't think so. Now...Have you ever thought of the possibility that maybe indeed it is Christianity that is trying to manipulate people? Because all it takes for a religious fanatic (Be it Muslim or Christian) is to hear the words "In the name of God" and he/she straps on a c4 on her/his back and blows up a whole Goddamn hospital full of infants. Why? Because the children were the sons and daughters of evil satanic Nephillims and therefore...abominations - that's what the pope said.

I am not trying to defend Masons nor Christians. I am not a believer, nor will i ever be. But i do have my own educated reasoning behind my choice. And it is not because so much evil has been done in God's name. That evil was done by human beings hiding behind the God excuse, so that is in no way god's fault. Now hear out my reasoning:

First of all i do not believe God exists. Second of all, even if he exists i wouldn't kneel to him, nor would i kneel to satan. Why? Because being a creator - therefore a father figure, it is very wrong of him to ask me to kneel before him and do his bidding. If i ever had children i certainly wouldn't do that to him. And also just like on this illuminati mason topic, many people are quick to jump the gun on Satan as well. He is the bad guy...he kills...he rapes etc. Other than what the bible says, do you have any other proof of Satan being an evil monster? Didn't think so. As a matter of fact, Satan strikes me as a very intelligent angel who was sick and tired of his daddy's little tricks. Do any of you religious fanatics know why Satan was cast out of heaven? Didn't think so. Satan was cast out of Heaven because when God gave all that power to Jesus, Satan started questioning his decision. It seems to me like a very reasonable thing to do, and in no way is that a mortal sin. But apparently God didn't like that, and cast Satan and his followers out of Heaven. Seems to me like God is nothing more than a form of celestial Illuminati wouldn't you say? And no, i am not a satanist...but a mere human being trying to do his best in this life.

Point of the story is...Do not judge and do not condemn that which you have no knowledge of. Whether a shadowy organisation truly exists is debatable and a matter of oppinion, and whether they are evil or good is a matter of numerous concrete facts, which you have an utter lack of. Is religion good or bad? If it was up to me i would ban the practice of religion, and severly punish all those who secretly practice it. But if you do choose the path of religion, do not engulf yourself in the flames of it. Believe what you want, but also keep an open mind about everything else. Do not always try to explain everything with religion and God, and educate yourself further. Do not limit yourself. And most importantly!!!!...Do not try to convert other people...or you might just meet your God sooner that you ever thought.

Just my two cents...well more like 25 cents but oh well...who's counting :).
Thank you all for reading.

P.S. if you want to continue accusing and posting on this topic...please go out in the world and see things for yourself, and gather facts and form opinions based on that. Do not trust Svalis and every other person who claims that they have been raped by the illuminati or killed by the shadowy Macintosh organisation. If you are truly passionate about your views, experience the world for yourself, not through the eyes of another. The devil is in the details. Now go find him.
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