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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Riem
Post Content
NWO what could that mean?

We live in a planet called earth. Right? So, is time to change our perspective. We are fighting over resources and we dont fairly accomodate for all. The rich do benefit from it, goverments do benefit from it, noone is ready to give in the power and riches and the corruption that comes with the old world order. Even us the people are not ready tog et rid of our racial, political, religious, cultural and so on, differences.

But as our species is advancing technologically, humanity reamins immature on average. amazing technologies are put in the wrong hands, trillions of money goes to military projects instead of improving our life as a whole, as one humanity and not seperated by limits, by our ethnicity or our location in the world.

I am going to quote Carl Sagan here as he speaks my mind, we need ''fundamental restructuring of economical, political social and religious institutions''.

With a few words, a new world order is about radical change and humans are not known to welcome it. We afraid of change, some because it is not in their interest and then some because they think with the old world mind, as well others that believe in myths and superstition.

As Carl Sagan said ''fundamental changes are seeing as impractical, contrary to human nature''.

New world order means radical change, which is what we need if we are to enter the space age. If we are to survive this critical point, where in one hand we have advancement in technology and on the other hand we have human immaturity.

People are not ready to give up their religious, political, cultural etc agendas, corporations are not ready to reform, goverments dont want to give up the power.

I want to believe that if the illuminaty exist, they are wise and educated people, that see life for what it is. There are very harsh truths, that includes natural disasters, human corruption, and so on. Life is harsh, and at this point we can either destroy our planet, our achievements and our technology and send us all back to the stoneage or change and embrace the new technological age, cause with it comes awareness and evolution. Our intelligence evolves and so our consciousness. So, to prepare ourselves for a new era, the space age, new dimensions and a new reality.

Nobody wants us to be slaves, we are just too superstitious, and negative to see the benefit of peace and wealth in a united world, that operates based on wisdom and enlightement.

You afraid of microchips when we already developing ways to improve healing via nanotechnology, instead of poison you with medicine, you are afraid of robots and machines thinking that they will make you redundant, when they are here to work and harvest resources for us, to manufacture for us, so we can move to a new age, where we are dont need to work for our basic needs anymore, but instead embrace the new human evolution.

Maybe much of the old and the new generation is not ready for it, it might be genetic, maybe with time, more and more people will be born with the characteristics fo new more enligthened and highly intelligent human, with more expanded consciousness and ability to evolve and break free from the old wold order. In time it will happen, we cant stay immature and primitive in our spirit for ever.

If the illuminaty exist, then they are indeed the wise guys, they are the true bringers of light.

If they dont, then wise humans do exist, and more will be born, eventually the stupidity level, greediness and corruption as well superstition of the human population, may be erased from the face of earth, that if we make it.

the evil here is the old world order, who is right now threatening to wipe out humanity is our old self, the reason we suffer, we are divided, we fight, is our old self.

Too bad that the average population has brain the size of a peanut, you guys keep educating yourselves in youtube and books written by idiots. On the main time, lets hope somebody is looking after all this shit that all of us have gotten humanity into. we are all responsible, wether u like it or not, too bad many people dont even have the brain capasity to think straight.
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