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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle 13thMOONxUPON7
Post Content
peaceOk look stop and think the masons are the what you call satanist. the iluminati is the good side.

There is no such thing called the devil or God....
if you look behind the main picture, look even furthur you can see we are run by a outer being that watches over us.

the balance of life is good and bad. you give to recieve. 50/50 like i said it's the balance of life there is always gonna be negitive energy out there amd there is gonna be postive energy. some illuminati memebers are what you call satanist to be a reminder that there is bad out there.

They are on our side, only reason they are gonna do this New World Order thing is to save mother earth! They love this planet and they are trying to save it, but no we the society messed everything up we killed mother earth, raped it! They are pissed off, they are like parents if you do good you revieve good things, all they do is give and give and we shut them down like animals. We are on the break of disaster only becasue of us. Society is the way it is because we made it the way it is. if we all come together and stop making so many babys and limit things and make things better we will still have a chance. But my words will be unspoken. No one will take this serious you just gonna shut me down and continue your negitive ways. But if you take this in nice postive way then you are my friend. I love all! we are all one, I am you, you are me, we are all. I see upon you, you see upon me, i see all, as you see all. Look deep whats on the inside and express the best of you postive balance of the human nature my friends we still have a fighting chance o change but if some one takes this seriouse spread this word around, that the illuminati is good! and explain why........They pratice Wicca the pagan beliefe, the pagan religion dates back before "Christ" even walked the earth way bfore the book of genisis (sorry if i didn't spell that right). The Pagan religion is based upon the balance of life, mother nature, enegy that made the universe, knowlage, wisdom, freedom, spiritual, etc. The bible is all bull it was made by the "man"? and how do you know there is only one God? and he's human? if anything the bible is evil, wrathful judgmental god, that murders, sacrifices for the good of evil! look deep in history youwill shall be revealed! and if youget on m case about oh im not gonna listen to you becasue you can't spell or don't have good manners we you my friend need to learn more. enstine was a terriable speller and grammer, but he was one of the most brilliant beings out there so take you time and think about what i just said, please
sincerly -777 666 32 12 13 9 333 42 34 13th moon upon light-
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