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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Ac
Post Content
Not because they hide that it automaticly means they're bad and evil.
If they hide themselves, it's because they knows that people won't agree with them, because they are not intelligent enough to understand that sacrifice is necessary to save a majority.
I don't know what illuminati plans are exactly, nobody knows, and we dont even know if they are real, but i'm just saying that to me, keeping humans number to 500millions COULd be a good thing. it would save the planet. You must understand that we are too many. look at our governement that won't do shit to save the earth. Barack obama saying that planet is not his priority. excuse me but thats soooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can he not understand that without the planet, theres no humans

i'm not hoping that one of you understand too, but if your a little bit open minded, you'll think about that
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