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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle phei nex
Post Content
Listen I can't say much because its up to you. But just know that your arogance is the only thing holding you back. Instead. Your eyes are usless they have seen the Damned. If you work for god I'm sure that you have spoken with him? Why not? This is because. You worship the god of the man spoken word. Which is simply and arogantly classified as one sigularity. And because you accepted, arogantly what you are told. You will have closed eyes and never be fortunate enough to find the truth. There can be one single thing or 111111111milliun at what you see in one singnl place of the time continum. So when you say you work for a single thing what are you really saying. All religon is real. From now one even if you believe you know something compleatly discard what you believe. Fear nothing because this is a game and accept what your brothers and surreal are telling you . Not as truth because there is not truth that you in your Life accept what you accept as truth. And once you seek you shall find there is litteraly sighns everywhere. "How blind can one be to not see what I see". "Never trust someone who found the answer trust someone who seeks it". We are beings. As your religon says in the likeness and image. It's because we underestimate our god capabilities. Everyhing is nutral this is why you see the evil because its aloud on earth. Why? Time moves foward but and so do we. Just as we ask where did god come from we have to know where we came from. We are moving closer and closer to become god. You already are one but you need your share of fear, evil and arogance. The sky will be the same for both of us. Live freely don't worry to much about it. And the illuminiti and free masons are of the same just as the military and airforce. It's all about the higher understanding and they can't tell you the truth because people have fear and arogance and are not ready. The only thing that they can do is leave signs all over everywhere. Every building every credit card ever thing. Statue of liberty. Never give in no matter what its tour decision. Seek and never find. We live in a world of symbols. A matrix if you will. We have hope and faith to help us find the answer when we are ready to accept our god origin. Orion. If a bruised bird can fly then why must a modest burden destroy your wings. You with you were alive. Divine strength
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