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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Illuminated
Post Content
I have believed since I was a child there should be a one world government and the world should be in unity. That only makes since how could we ever deal with other off world civilizations if we can't even agree among ourselves.

The question at hand. What if Masons and Illuminati are the good guys?

This whole Mason thing is a joke. I have met many they are juts average people that join the loge they are not all rich, the don't do any thing weird. From what I have heard they study metaphysics at deeper levels.

As someone already said all arguments rely on Christianity being true. I think Christianity is a disease like most other organized religions. Even by it's own standards in the verse that says "You can judge a tree by it's fruit." What is the fruit of Christianity. Let's see war & murder in Christ's name, guilt, oppression, judgement, fear, making people into slave and beggars to a false god under threat of eternal damnation in hell.

Yeah pretty rotten fruit. It's a sham used to control people and keep them powerless. If you look at the old testament the God of the old testament was vengeful and wrathful and jealous.

There is wisdom in the bible but there are also a lot of things that are lies or things so cryptic that it does more harm than good. You belief and concept of GOD will shape what you get from it.

In the new testament Christ gave a entirely different concept of GOD that was loving, part of you and within you and also gave instructions on how to work with GOD and manifest and have life abundantly. But instead the Christians choose to focus on fear, guilt and limitation. It's clear that the GOD he speaks of is not a Judgmental being or man. But the Father is the Quantum field of all possibilities. Let's not forget when he said "Know yet not ye ate little GODS!"

Christianity is a insult to Christ and his teaching and has been used to pervert his message make him a GOD to be worshiped (which he never said to do)and hide his teaching of how to become GOD our-self and "Do the things he did and also greater things! And I did not read of Christ speaking of anything but love, faith and self-empowerment.

Don't forget also that the bible was edited, books removed added etc.

Now that that's out of the way/ Any christian rebuttals in my opinion are groundless and total B.S.

There all kinds of theories about the Illuminati being descendants of the Annunaki, etc...

From what I have seen if you rise to the top you are asked to join the Illuminati. They seem to welcome you and say "You finally figured it out, welcome to club."

They all use the Law of Attraction they know about manifestation, they know we create reality and when you rise to the top they welcome you. They see you as one of them. Or so it seems because apparently every successful person in the world is part of the Illuminati or so the conspiracy theorist seem to think.

Since I have been on the spiritual path and learned how to manifest in my life I have tried to share with others. And often I attract people that share the beliefs but much of the time when I try to share this info to help people improve their lives it's meet with skepticism , hostility, attacks, or the Christian or other organized religion brainwashed mindset. You can't them. They are the sheeple and they are asleep. Do you really think they are the ones that should be deciding the fate of this world and creating the governments?

Most of them are self-destructive, their life revolves around being a wage slave, drinking, doing drugs, they biggest plans they make are their vacation and next tattoo
they while, complain and blame others and expect the government to change their life. Yet with the internet and Amazon.com you can learn to do just about anything from become a multimillionaire, find a cure for cancer that actually works, and discover the power of manifesting. But do most people do that?

I have come to realize that I think the Illuminati have it right, let people find it on their own. You can't help those that want to hold on to their misery and old beliefs. And those particular that are dominated by fear. And welcome those that wake up from the matrix and have proven themselves.

Maybe I have some of the bloodline or maybe I'm average in bloodline and just have awakened but I see things much more differently and in fact most of my life.

I know one thing and that no matter what the future holds I will not fear, I will walk in love and faith and my GOD/Higher-Self, Quantum Field, what ever you want to call it will guide me on the right path for my highest good.

Who knows maybe I'll get my Illuminati invitation soon or maybe their is another path I will be guided to.

PS: And people would be much better of developing themselves that focusing your energy on conspiracy theories and the evils of the powers that be. That's just another sheeple mindgame.yoda
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