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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Post Content
1. who cares what they do. just worry about it if shit goes down.

2. there is a balance between good and evil at all times. if what they do is evil, it must mean they have good intentions, whether we think its good or bad, it is good in their eyes but evil in ours. If they are going to eradicate the lesser beings of the human race it is for a good cause...balance. why not take out a shit ton of people before we do it to ourselves? would you rather die slowly knowing your death is coming and become afraid, angry, and lonely? or would you rather be happy and die quickly and as painless as possible?

3. my previous statement may not be entirely true but if you constantly think about death you will end up in a bad place. It WILL drive you insane. And you may not come back from it. I have talked to someone who may actually be a part of this Illuminati and this person told me most people don't come back from insanity. It is not healthy for anyone to constantly worry about death or others dying. To constantly fear death is a sign of loneliness. If you are afraid you will be alone. And being alone is a great fear of everyone. just enjoy the life you have. because out of all the tiny particles in all of space, you are here, you are existing. you are a miracle. 1 out of 1 million sperm. you are here. you won the race to the egg and your mother protected you.

4. do not ignore statement #3. If you have done so, this just proves you are a negative Nancy. Or maybe you just didn't have the time. :P

5. Start your own damn secret society, find people you can trust. Create your own damn rules. Make a rule book that you yourself will follow and find others who share similar interests as yourself.
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