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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle talkstory
Post Content
Some of you are close. The Masons and other secret societies have been hi jacked.

You must come to an understanding of their beginning in order to understand where we are today.

You have all heard of stories of fabled continents like Atlantis and mu. There once were great societies where the average person then, today would be considered enlightened.

As with everything there are cycles. Once such cycle is one of remembering and it opposite forgetting. Forgetting represents a fall of man from a state of consciousness. A fall from an enlightened state of awareness of SELF and the ALL.

As the cycle progressed more and more people lost this connection, those that didn't were aware that something was happening and formed Orders (Secret Societies) to preserve the knowledge. Little did they know that knowledge without direct experience of self as that is what the knowledge was meant to preserve in the first place, was basically futile. So what we see today is that progression of forgetfulness in the extreme. So low did mankind and the keepers of the flame sink, they allowed themselves to be possessed by reptilian entities. This is the purpose of the pedophilia in their present societies, that is maintaining a low enough vibration in their human hosts that they can indwell. Hence we see the ritualistic abuse in family lines so that power can be passed from one generation to the next through father to son. Thus allowing the entities to jump from one host to another while retaining control. At one point this was not necessary as the vibrational quality was low enough it was not needed. But as with all cycles the awakening cycle had begun and the natural raising of the general vibration of humanity was rising. Rising to the point that they could no longer inhabit the next generations body without an act that cause that individuals energy to fall. So this is where we find ourselves today, at a turning point and they are slowly having to create more fear, more depravity in the world so that they can continue to indwell these few. Are you getting the picture. Peace.
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