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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle ginkeht
Post Content
They set the rules of the game and we all play by that rules. If they were not Gods they would not last long. There is alot of evidence that they are Gods. If you knew that you are God and that everyone elso is the same as you would you tell them? It makes sense to keep people in ignorance because if they don't search for truth they do not deserve to know anyway.
 Quoting: eScrew

yeah yeah, all well and good...

lets cut straight to it shall we.

The situation seems to be, to me at least, one of a hijacking. To be more succinct, I feel the order has been hijacked from its true purpose. And thus the general must now crush this little charade. Spreading our forces across the globe in such a brazen attempt at weakening is not cool… getting in bed with this Chinese dragon, not cool.

We're fucking watching you ass-clowns, and we ain't happy.
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