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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i should mention briefly, that geocities page is mind ... you wouldn't believe what i've been through. i have idiot brainwashed lunatics following me around, they've been manipulated to believe its all part of protecting the homeland, or god knows what ...

human stupidity is in a sense magnified or amplified by the capabilities of beamed raditaion/implant mind control, they have these people believe all kinds of stuff i think

do a google search on "gang stalking", that is another form it takes

this goes very deep, it seems to me to be a fundamental method of maintaing conformity and docility in the american general public, because i've seen a lot of others, and its being done to people at a young age in universities, i've seen people who are trying to start a business be attacked -- because the business they want to start is threatening. there are a lot of stories out there

what it boils down to i think is part of a scheme by a conspiracy within the world-wide jewish community to maintain power and to vie for world control

who do you have to fear? well, you don't have to fear animals to much, do you? they're not smart enough to organize, they can't make weapons. you are threatened by people because people are smart.

so, who among people do you need to worry about? that's right, the smart ones.

thats why this jewish conspiracy has murdered hundreds upon hundreds of iraq's scientists, now that iraqi society is generally defenseless. think of the horror of that.

what did these scientists have in common? were they anti-american? turns out, no. were they active politically? not especially, some were, some weren't, thats not the pattern.

so what was the pattern among these murdered iraqi scientists? they were the BEST ... they had the best minds, thats what their colleagues say about them.

people have made lists of many engineers and scientists who have died at oddly young ages, back through the renaissance. how many were jewish? it would interesting to check.

given the degree of jewish control of the media, banking, their repeated tendency to rise to prominence in one society after another while that society itself subsequently declines, makes a conpsiracy among the jewish community a primary suspect. its the obvious choise, if you want to point to WHAT is the conspiracy, because there obviously is one, WHAT is the conspiracy that is secretly directing world events? who is it?

the holocaust never happened, research it. Leon Trotsky's original name was Leo Bronstein, he was from Brooklyn. The leaders of the Bolshevik's in Russia were jewish. Again and again, if you had to guess who is running the conspiracy, the jews are the most obvious guess.

Check out hte following 4 part FOX news report on spying by Israel on the US, and infiltration by Israel-based companies:

you have to remove and ending semicolon and cr** possibly, i don't know why it adds that:

Time and again jews are caught spying on the US, and the news media refuses to report it. Look at the quotes from this blog -- that 4 part series has disappeared: [link to hitlerwasright.blogspot.com]

Look at the case of Weinmann recently, US Navy petty officer (google it). Reported? No.

You know why. You want to know who the illuminati really are, who controls the Freemasons, I just told you.
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