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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Good guys.....Bad guys.....if only the universe was really constructed in such a manner.

In comic books perhaps.

Are Illuminati or Freemasons good? That is a complex question that requires a complex answer.

Strauss argued that once humanity reached a point of peace and tranquility..(the Homogenous state) that would be the death of all humanity. For Strauss believed that the greatest aspects of being human are war, glory, struggle, and victory. He envisioned the death of these things as the death of man.

It would also be the death of politics because in an age of peace...the lower segments of society would begin to ask questions about why some poeple seem to have so much while they have so little. These peons might even begin questioning why certain people have power of governance at all??

To avoid this, there must be war and an enemy...and an occasional destruction of society as we know it in order to assure future human struggle. Strauss argued that we must be thrown back to the stone age on occasion.

The only problem is to do this 6 or 7 billion people must die.

Now is Strauss right or wrong??

Keep in mind Hitler was a believer in Strauss.....and so are the people we have termed Neo-cons.

So back to the question...are secretive societies which seek to demolish us in order to free us "Good guys?"

I don't think so. But it is very debatable.
 Quoting: Hiram 132699

What is the word,Hiram Abu?

Return to stone age in order to survive,...that's madness.All the efforts of our forefathers will be lost and humanity will thrown again at the bottom of the ladder

Yes,war is necessary and destruction is sometimes necessary.In these enlightened times,war is an instrument of global annihilation.How should we escape it and retain our honour without making the necessary compromises?People need to know,for we are too little and too few to matter. World is a savage place and we had contributed to its making

I have seen the brave heart of the Masons these days: walling high ranking members in order to guard the temples,recruiting undead spirits to guard mansions,casting darkness upon places of worship. There 's too much darkness,too much imbalance.

The world shall be cleansed and you shall go with it.Thank you for your holy efforts
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