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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle changingman
Post Content
After reading a lot of far-out conspiracies recently the question popped into my head 'What if the Illuminati are actually the good guys?' They can be traced back to the knights templar who were nearly wiped out by the catholic churchs lust for power. Now I have come to the conclusion that the catholic church (and pretty much all organised religion) are the bad guys who exercise a huge amount of control over us. History shows they have been responsible for some pretty horrendous acts in the past eg, the crusades, the inquistion, i've never been able to understand killing people in the name of god!?!

Sovereign states, politics & religion have been responsible for untold misery throughout history and more so today than ever. So IS getting rid of these systems really a bad thing?

Mankind faces tough times ahead and maybe drastic measures are required to allow us to carry on....religious & racial hatred, overpopulation, financial meltdown and ever decreasing natural resources threaten our very survival.

Maybe we actually need someone to sort it out?
 Quoting: changingman 432372

Then there's also the possibility that the catholics, jews & masons are all power crazy maniacs who just want world domination and all of the worlds evils are the deception thay are using to get it.
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