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Message Subject What if Massons and Illuminati are the good guys?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
MOST freemasons do NOT know and are not enlightened in regards to what is REALLLLY going on. However, having said this..
THE ILLUMINATI are good. THe fact is the most of the people in the world are not willing to be responsible. Call them sheeple or whatever..but all they want to do is sit back and do nothing and expect to get everything in regards. You know, the whole free lunch thing. We the people Willingly give our power over to the illuminati and therefore are slaves to them. We are not willing to go out and hunt for ourselves...and nature says that you need to do something to survive. We take out loans and feel so high and mighty, instead of working and working and saving up. So we are slaves to them because they understand the basic laws of nature. That is why so many people have to die. because we would not survive if it was not for them. Very simple stuff. lots of info on this now on the net. We complain but secretly know and love the fact that they give us our homes, our food, etc.... Make no mistake about it...they are not evil or bad. They are the REASON why you and so comfy in your own home. and they TELL you and GIVE you Warnings about what they are going to do and YET you NEVER get it..or better yet you get it but DONT WANT to admit that you understand. DEEP down inside you love being slaves because you are not wiling to go out and take care of yourself. So you give your power over to the state, the illuminati, give up your rights, guns, so on... The illuminati are good. MOst people are greedy and lazy. They only survive because the illuminati FEED them.
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