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Why muslims don't have monks?

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United Kingdom
01/16/2011 06:53 PM
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Re: Why muslims don't have monks?

I think the closest title to a monk is a Sayed, he is a religious person that lives a certain way of life and goes by the rules and has followers that dress the same and live the same way, they marry and have kids. They dress their women the same way, all in black. They are found in Iran, Southern Iraq and southern Lebanon ( they are Shiiats) a muslem sect following the Imam Ali, the cousin of prophet mohamed who was murdered by the sunni leaders so he doesnt take over the muslim nations after the death of Mohamed.
Thats why all Shiaats, name their kids Ali, hussein, hassan, abbas, and Mahdi.. typical shiaat names!

I tried to think of the closest figure to a monk, this is the best one.

Islam sets rules, people follow what they want to follow and make their own explenations in every muslim country and make their own rules halal and haram, according to their needs.. like a herd of sheep they follow the Imam or sheikh or Mulla or Sayed! bsflag
User ID: 28216485
United States
11/21/2012 12:04 PM
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Re: Why muslims don't have monks?
there is no monastic tradition in islam...a monk refering to someone who "withdraws for god" or withdraws from the world. although there are individuals who take on a monastic lifestyle. in sufism we call them fakr, meaning "annhilation of self" or you all may know them as dervishes, however, technically they are not monks or nuns. (yes, we do have women religious leaders as well, but they are not nuns)

the reason that monasticism is not apart of islamic tradition is because in the islamic theology it is thought to be excessive, creating unnecessary hardships for the practitioner. marriage, for example is obviously lawful and encouraged in islam, so the denial of it as a religious practice is seen as unreasonable. the muslim is encouraged to seek balance in the world...a rich spiritual life, and to experience human relationships, love, seek knowledge and eat good food...you know, human stuff!

this is a hadith (eyewitness account of the prophet's life) in which al-bukhari reports: "Three people came to the Prophet's wives and asked how the Prophet conducted his worship. When they were told about it, they seemed to consider it but little, saying, "What a difference there is between us and the Messenger of God, whose past and future sins have been forgiven him by God!" One of them said, "As for me, I will always pray during the night." The other said, "I will have nothing to do with women and will never marry." When the Prophet heard about this, he explained to them their error and deviation from the Straight Path, saying, I am the one who is conscious of God the most among you, yet I fast and I break my fast, I pray and I sleep, and I marry. He who turns away from my holy way (sunnah) has nothing to do with me.

my intention is not to convert you to islam or religion, but to have you all understand why muslims don't have a monastic tradition...because the assumptions posted before where mostly incorrect. be well....peace