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Message Subject Why do channelers and contactees always need money? Can't the aliens provide?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am a channeler. I spend 40 hours or more a week giving away free material to make others lives better. I ask for donations so that I do not have to go out at a job that doesn't pay well and lose my ability to spend the time and efforts to help others for free. People who appreciate my work do in fact understand this and the help we give them is worth it to them. As far as anyone who promises you anything about the future, or anything as such, well it is not true. You make your own reality, as do I. This means I do what I love, to help other people, and I know the universe supports me. This is why we accept donations and money. Sheldan Nidle and all G.F.O.L. people lie and are negative beings trying to fool you. Only listen to channelers who never promise anything except what YOU make.
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