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Message Subject Why do channelers and contactees always need money? Can't the aliens provide?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I read the stuff that Sheldon Nidle and others put out and am constantly amazed at how they beg, ok, ask for 'contributions' to help fund their website, to pay for this and that. Yet they always relay this message about NESERA and these 'abundance programs' ... Well if there is sooooo much fricking money soon to be available and these aliens are such high tech I DO NOT think it breaks any Star Trek rules about interference if they gave them some of that money or gold or something to help cover the cost of relaying THEIR message to the earthlings. It can't be breaking any bigger rule than already being in contact with them. So what's up with the constant begging?

(I'll assume you're not joking. If you're joking, OK, you got me.)

How gullible can you be ? They're complete phonies and scam artists. It's all a bunch of bunk. You have to be really dumb to ever give money to these people.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 129376

I wasn't joking, lol, I'd never give them money because half of them are scammers. I do believe there are people in contact with extraterrestrials, I DO believe that if they are here to help us they should start by helping those who are working with them. Or should that be under their control?!
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