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world minus NWO

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User ID: 135078
United States
08/27/2006 10:18 PM
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world minus NWO
so now that we can see what the NWO is...the conspiracy of evil and lies...what will the world look like without them ruling us all? it's not gonna take long.

huge cities underground? an end to waste in general...the waste of corporations, an end to toxicities?

solar architecture?
just the idea of no more wars being contrived into fake necessity..imagine the leisure EVERYONE could get?

no more slave labour...an easier life for everyone. enlightenment.

i say that by 2099 that world will have been a reality for decades...

but what do others think, pro and con?

the end of racial inequality, the end of gender domination...a fair and balanced world?

and just for now, not a word about NESARA...that's a given.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 97437
08/27/2006 10:42 PM
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Re: world minus NWO
the world is in your mind... as you wake up in the morning, with you it awakes

first uncover the roots of "the conspiracy of evil and lies" within, and its outward manifestation will hold no power over you