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LAPD/Jade Helm riot training?

Embrace the chaos, excuse the dust

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United States
04/22/2015 11:52 PM

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LAPD/Jade Helm riot training?
LAPD has closed off 12th street at Maple as well as 12th and San Julian to hold EXTENSIVE riot training in downtown LA.

I tried to get close enough to take a vid or pic but UC in blacked out Suburbans chased me away. This occurred at 7:40 pm today the 22nd.

I did see over a dozen mounted cops accompanied by about one hundred foot officers in riot/tac gear and three black MRAPs. Also, six suburbans with running boards, one with large gray LRAD on top.

They had about 75 civilian "actors" grouped together.

The location was 6 blocks south of Central Division (swat).

Here's the odd thing: there were several flat bed semi-trucks that were parked around the area, engines running. I observed two Homeland Security vans and one US Army van as well. The swat MRAPs are based of of Central, they would usually drive them, there not haul them in unless they were from outside the city.

LAPD blog has no notice of training today. They usually issue notices.

Ive seen training before but NEVER on this scale.