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Freedom to Fascism

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User ID: 85587
United States
09/09/2006 08:06 PM
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Freedom to Fascism
So what is the latest on America from Freedom to Fascism? Anyone new seen it?
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 114992
09/10/2006 03:19 AM
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Re: Freedom to Fascism
the latest is that the people are more and more questioning the gov

some are questioning the jews

if the people radicalize more they will be 'rescued' by a strong hardline rightwinger leader, because the political situation is so deteriorated with bush being lowest in the polls ever, the people will demand a strong leader
i mean you agree this bush is a sucker.

Or a rightwing leader might gain control of the us elections show or a coup

Secondly there is the 'blaming of the jews' as is common throughout history

NO, the us HAS NOT LEARNED from history rather it is repeating its mistakes
The persecution of jews is in the making, the camps are ready to receive clients

you are all talking about freedom while the gov is fubarring the us, ofcourse to them the people are a strong pawn in their game, to be sacrificed when needed
User ID: 141813
United States
09/10/2006 09:49 AM
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Re: Freedom to Fascism
I started watching it last night, but got interrupted, and intend to finish it today.

One of the arguments it makes is that the introduction of the Federal Income Tax radically changed the balance of power inside the United States.

Prior to the introduction of the Federal Income Tax, the government had gotten along just fine for well over a hundred years, by taxing corporations rather than individuals. Now, understand this -- with the government taxing corporations, the government had a solid advantage over those corporations, and could control them and wield authority over them.

But then that changed, and the government started taxing individuals with the Income Tax, they simultaneously eased off on the corporations. Now the government can use that new Income Tax advantage to control the people and wield authority over them instead of the corporations. In effect, this change allowed the corporations to turn the tables on the government, and instead of the corporations being controlled by the government (which in turn was controlled by the people), the introduction of the Federal Income Tax allowed the corporations to control the government (which in turn controlled the people).

Essentially, the introduction of the Income Tax turned our democracy into a subtle sort of Fascist state, in which the government is controlled by business instead of the voters.

- Peter