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Steve Irwin Energy

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19601
09/10/2006 05:15 AM
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Steve Irwin Energy
September 6 , 2006

The What's Up On Planet Earth?

Hearing about the death of Steve Irwin was shocking news for me. So
full of life and purpose…how could we ever live without him? And how
could he suddenly be gone? For the first day after hearing the news,
I felt an immense sense of loss, and then was finally able to align
with the higher reason and purpose for it all. As always, losing this
vibrant and incredible human being, was in divine and perfect order,
and so I felt compelled to write a brief message about his passing,
as it involved so many important and divinely orchestrated
interactions, and also provided a vital message for where we are in
our evolutionary process.

Why was there such an immense sense of loss? Steve Irwin embodied a
tremendous amount of higher vibrating energy. He had it down…he
really got it. But most importantly, he was really being it.

A more passionate man I have never seen, and passion is a sure sign
of pure Source energy pouring through a vehicle without any
resistance. He loved being here, he loved what he was doing, and he
absolutely knew that what he was doing was in perfect alignment with
who he was…so much so that I doubt he ever gave it much thought.

Because of his passion, or pureness of intent and purpose, everything
came to him. He did not decide that he needed publicity, or that he
needed to make films, or that he wanted success. He did not care
about much of that. He was much too focused on what he was doing with
his life, and on what he cared about.

And yes, he loved the environment, the earth, and all its
inhabitants. Being who he was and what he was about, could only
create a by-product of affecting all of the earth herself. He bridged
the gap between the earth, nature, and its people…he showed us the
way of the animal kingdom, and illuminated its creatures, their
purposes, and their ways. He aligned himself with them, and merged
into their realities, with no hesitancy whatsoever.

His departure could not have been more perfect. He was interacting
with a representative of the animal kingdom. What we are about,
always comes into our arena, as like energies always attract like
energies. This incredible creature from the sea, volunteered to
assist with the soul decision of Steve Irwin to depart. This man had
a tremendous amount of heart. He oozed it wherever he went and with
all he encountered. What a perfect alignment then, to go out through
the energy of the heart.

The combination of the heart energy, the animal kingdom, and Steve
Irwin created a perfect alignment for who he was in all ways. And
this was the energetic portal that he left through.

But most importantly, why did he leave so suddenly, and why now?
Steve Irwin embodied so much in the way of a higher vibrating being,
that we feel this loss more than most. He left a hole, most
certainly. But he left now, so that the hole could be filled by us.
He needed to turn over what he had so perfectly represented and
vibrated, to all of the planet. His energy and purpose is now needing
to be embodied by the whole of the planet. The "hole" needs now to
become the "whole." This was the same with Dana Reeve. We needed to
take over her role of the human angel.

Steve Irwin is handing the chalice over to us. He is handing over
several things. The most important purpose and energetic blueprint
is, of course, his love for the animal kingdom, the environment, and
for conservation. With the higher vibrations we are now residing in,
and with our ascension process involving the earth, we need now, more
than ever before, to be in great alignment with her. Steve Irwin
really knew how to be in alignment. We are now being given the chance
to do it like he did, to love like he loved, and to carry that
passion and unwavering commitment to nature.

But he also embodied other things as well. He was most certainly
living the higher realms way, and here is why:

Staying in one's passion, always places us in alignment. When we are
committed to our passion, we are not focused on much else, and
anything and everything else will simply take care of itself. When we
do not care about our success, about making money, about the hows and
what ifs, they simply do not exist. Steve Irwin was successful
because he did not care if he was successful. He was simply loving
what he was doing, and this was his focus and his road.

When we do what we love, with no resistance, we then create a vehicle
with no glitches or stop signs…with no roadblocks or barricades for
Source to get through. This is why passion is so vital. It allows us
a perfect alignment with Source and our purpose…no stopping or
starting, but a continuous flow.

Singularity of purpose is vitally important as well, as we need only
wear our one hat. Steve Irwin had a reputation for not becoming
involved with the hats of others…he focused on his own, and
therefore, allowed others who wore different hats to interact with
him and support him in his purpose and in bringing it out into the
world. We cannot get help and support if we are doing everything
ourselves. It doesn't work that way.

He also had a way of bringing others into the fold. He knew how to
connect. Seeing, respecting, and validating others connects us all.
We are all one, and it is so vitally important to acknowledge the
existence of the energies of another. This is why integrity and
excellent "customer service" are so important in the higher realms.

When we are in our passion and purpose, we do not have time to notice
who said what or who is doing what, and we really do not care. These
are lower vibrating things, and vibrating higher through passion,
does not allow these other realities to merge with our own.

When we reached critical mass, much changed. It was no longer about
raising the consciousness of the planet through healing and
awareness. The consciousness has been raised. We have reached our
goal. Our purposes are now about creating a New and higher vibrating
planet. Our roles are now different. We can create through our
passions. But we must know who we are. We must really know who we are
and what we are about.

Currently, we are still up against the wall of lower vibrating old
systems. We are now ready to blast ahead with these New creations,
and are finding that the only supports, classes or learning, or much
else, are old and lower vibrating existences that do not match were
we are or what we are trying to create.

This is resulting in a big collision of energy, and a plethora of mis-
matches. It may feel like chaos, scattered energy, a big tossed
salad, nothing arriving that "fits" or is right, and one big mess.
What we have to do is to create higher versions. We are so used to
waiting for or accepting what is available, that at times we do not
realize that we are now at the helm. We need no longer accept what
has existed so far.

The last few days have held some interesting energy of bulldozing,
trauma, and some darkness. Even if nothing manifested for us in the
physical, we may have felt like we had been through the ringer…for no
apparent reason. These energies are creating the "move on out!"
scenarios that are needed before we can move in. There is still much
debris in the trail. When these moving out or "internal tsunami"
energies arrive, there is also the possibility of an actual natural
disaster occurring, but this is not always the case.

Before the more forceful energies arrive, there is always a wane.
Things slow down. We do not feel like doing anything. Nothing seems
to be happening. The tide is out, so to speak. And when the tide is
out, the denser energies always rise to the surface. This is when we
may feel yucky. But this is all part of the process. When the tide
comes back in, the old is moved out. And now, much is happening all
at once. There are not so many stages and segments to go through.

We have the eclipses arriving as well. They will support and explain
this latest energy. I will be sharing more about the eclipse energies
in the next message, but wanted to touch on the passing of Steve
Irwin today. This beautiful soul will continue to touch my heart,
each and every day. Thank you, Steve Irwin, for sharing your energy
with us. You have made a difference in a monumental way….

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 141532
United States
09/10/2006 05:23 AM
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Re: Steve Irwin Energy
I think some of us were shocked Steve Irwin died because if you spent any time watching him or gave a damn, you could tell he was truly a good guy. The kind that would save your butt if he was your friend. Then you realize, why did he have to go instead of one of the "bad" ones? Just not fair. Anyway. what you said about the tides and feeling yucky - why cant I sleep dammit! lol
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 130396
09/10/2006 05:46 AM
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Re: Steve Irwin Energy
Steve Irwin was the sort of person that this world desperately needs. But, as usual, people like him are taken too early.

There is no God and if there is he's an asshole.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 100497
09/10/2006 08:18 AM
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Re: Steve Irwin Energy
*Smiling* It's his choice.
Oh... and i don't 'believe' in god either.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37724
09/10/2006 08:46 AM
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Re: Steve Irwin Energy
There is no God and if there is he's an asshole."

ya because this whole fucking universe should be revolving around you right.

LOOK all GOD asked you was sacrifice a measly three score and seven (approx.75years) and he promised us eternity.

You made your bed

Now sleep in it....

Steve was one of the good guys for sure.
starlight afar

User ID: 94505
United States
09/10/2006 10:09 AM
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Re: Steve Irwin Energy
We admire Steve for his courage and uniqueness. Will there ever be another like him? He was a do'er not just a talker. He reached out to the animals he loved and then taught about them. He gave himself in an unselfish way because it was from his heart what he was and it took a sea creature to prove this.