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When did you wake up.

captain obvious
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United States
09/14/2006 01:29 PM
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Re: When did you wake up.
Hercules, as long as you feel guilty and angry, you harm youself. The way to connect with your divine self is through joy, happiness and contentment. That is why the fascists try to keep us constantly in turmoil so that we can't connect.

The world is changing rapidly. The whiter, brighter Sun is physical evidence that our neck of the cosmos is moving into a higher frequency which forces everyone by activation of their own thoughts and emotions to reveal who they. What a divine conspiracy!

It will mean turmoil in the short run. It means that the fascists will reveal themselves and their agenda. Just ride through it and do what you chose, and be thankful that you are on the side of Light.

If you knew what was really going on, and how soon the dark beings will lose control, you'd break into uproarious laughter!

Speak your truth to those who will listen and enjoy the process.

Look how weak, fearful and chaotic the fascists are compared to two years ago. That is why Gonzales is attempting to pass laws that will prevenmt them from being prosecuted for their treason. That is why federal employees are buying insurance against lawsuits. It is not because they are powerful. So many People know the truth now that the fascists cannot succeed.