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Extraordinary Inquiry Into the Extraordinary

Gabriel Chiron
User ID: 110667
09/16/2006 02:27 PM
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Extraordinary Inquiry Into the Extraordinary
Extraordinary Inquiry
Into The Extraordinary
By Gabriel Chiron

To philosophize, we may now say, is an extraordinary inquiry into the extraordinary.

—Martin Heidegger, 1935

Martin Heidegger pointed it out over seventy (70) years ago, but it is hard to locate ensuing examples of extraordinary inquiry, nor do we find any widespread consensual agreement among modern thinkers as to what is itself extraordinary enough to call forth extraordinary thinking. If we name platitudes, such as Being, Truth, Reality and so on, we recognize such platitudes as all too ordinary, which Richard Rorty points out so clearly and amusingly in his little volume, Contingency, irony and solidarity (1989, Cambridge University Press).

Extraterrestrial intelligence is an extraordinary ontological and phenomenological challenge and hardly constitutes a platitude, yet the mediocrity of ordinary sociological behavior (including government cover-ups) around the subject has created platitudes such as “Do you believe in UFO’s?” or “Do you believe in Aliens?” or even, “Do you believe some people have been abducted by Aliens?” What is thus potentially an extraordinary issue for mankind remains dull, flat, boring and virtually inconsequential short of a genuine Alien Invasion. In my own articles about Intergalactic Politics and Finding and Processing Cosmic Information I attempted to instigate extraordinary inquiry, but it never happened and continues to not happen. The very unpopularity and occasional critical squelching of these articles indicate a definite revulsion in society against extraordinary inquiry into the extraordinary.

In a way, all sorts of people can agree as to what constitutes extraordinary topics. These can include the ever-titillating and speculative areas of out-of-body-experiences, extrasensory perception, telepathy, reincarnation, higher and subtler bodies and worlds or realms, ghosts of the dead, mystical experiences of unity with God, the Absolute or the Divine Self, the Universe Being an Atom on a vaster macrocosmic scale (quantum recursion) or the Cell being an Omniverse on a deeper microcosmic scale (cellular recursion); vast and unknown, even dark and dangerous, quasi-Gods as in the H.P. Lovecraft literature or the Starry Wisdom tradition stretching back to ancient Sumeria. Then there are David Icke’s Fourth Dimensional Reptilians who control the world’s criminally insane political leaders of America, Britain and Israel. All of these are indeed extraordinary fields of current human interest, yet the “interest” in all of them remains pompous, dogmatic, mediocre, superficial and usually fleeting. Again and again, the Extraordinary is turned into the Ordinary through lack of Extraordinary Inquiry!

Now, if anyone has been following these thoughts so far, it should be horribly clear that Extraordinary Inquiry is more glaringly missing than Extraordinary Phenomena. The Sociology of Human Knowledge in and around Extraordinary Phenomena indicates an anti-ontological conspiracy of humanity. Hence, Extraordinary Phenomena are surrounded by both professional and amateur defensive routines and undiscussables as described by the organizational consultant, Chris Argyris. Dogmatic and actually inadequate mental models, paradigms, belief systems and worldviews all feel threatened, not by Extraordinary Phenomena, but by Extraordinary Inquiry.

What, then, is this terribly threatening thing that Heidegger calls Extraordinary Inquiry? It is nothing less than the breaking down, deconstructing, of our mental models or worldviews about Extraordinary Phenomena so as to freshly reconstruct new and better mental models or worldviews about such things. This is the Real Learning Process. And nothing less is Real Philosophy, which is fundamentally something like Hermetic Ontology which looks to new depths into the meaning and nature of Spirit and Matter, Subject and Object, Macrocosmos and Microcosmos, not as platitudes but as extreme meta-issues. Sooner or later the Extraordinary Inquiry culminates in something like Rajayoga Samadhi and genuine Cosmic Consciousness, which is exactly what happened to the truly First Western Philosopher, Hermes Trismegistus, Asri, Osiris of Ancient Egypt, later known as Melchizedek or the immortal Matsyendra, Lord of the Fish.

When there is full-blown deconstruction of the worldviews, intellectual and brain thinking and cognitive functioning become temporarily exhausted or suspended. One then can experience arising into the Superconscious state where all the new answers are made accessible. Then, with descent into ordinary causal consciousness, ego, intellect and brain, a new synthesis or reconstruction of one’s total knowledge takes place. It is the extraordinary leap into superconsciousness beyond deconstruction and prior to reconstruction that is the grand key of all genuine supramundane philosophy. Beyond logic is superlogic. In fact, it is the Ultraterrestrial who alone can truly comprehend and connect with the Extraterrestrial. The ordinary cannot comprehend or connect with the extraordinary. That is why we see Extraordinary Phenomena invariably isolated and neutralized by ordinary organized human discussion and socializing about any extraordinary subject. Human society is like an organism that treats any extraordinary phenomenon as an invasive germ, which activates the immune system, which forms a societal pussy sac of self-appointed “experts” and web-forums around anything unusual. This also explains why we never see a coordinated human response of intelligent System-Thinking about the totality of extraordinary subjects taken altogether. Whatever the various impinging extraordinary phenomena may be, the societal immune response policy or anti-ontological conspiracy will always basically, though unconsciously say, “Isolate and Neutralize!” This will also be the actual societal reaction to individual philosophical genius, to extraterrestrial contactees or real Yogis, Siddhas, Godmen or Ultraterrestrials. That is why Socrates was condemned to death and Jesus Christ crucified and Mansoor Hallaj cut to pieces by the petty Muslims. Always in ignorant, deluded, anti-ontological humanity the policy remains: Isolate and neutralize.

Every Internet Forum around some unusual subject is always a societal sac of puss. The very way the extraordinary is normally subdivided and categorized is inevitably stupid and counterproductive. Hence, no Internet Forum about anything can ever possibly be a Real Learning Situation or ignite Extraordinary Inquiry.

The very definition of Philosophy, as commonly agreed or “understood”, will never be what Heidegger gives: Extraordinary inquiry into the extraordinary. Perhaps now the reader of this article will see why.