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Statue of Liberty: No Longer a Symbol of Freedom!

Egg Sander The Great
User ID: 147253
United States
09/24/2006 10:33 AM
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Statue of Liberty: No Longer a Symbol of Freedom!
This French Freemasonic statue has NEVER stood for Freedom! It stands for Liberty the same as the bell. Liberty was something sailors was given when they were allowed to leave the ship on land. This liberty wasn't freedom, they were still enslaved to the ship and its Captain (CAPITAL, its all finance). The Statue is actually Queen Semarisis of Babylon who gave birth to a son whos been long worshipped as the Sun since his death. The crown of thorns upon her head symbolise the rays of the sun. Freemason really means SON OF LIGHT, Mason (pronounced MASS HON) is actually French. Its all Sun Worship at the end of the day and this is Intellect known to most as light (illuminatian) this is why the Torch is so important with the Eternal Flame. Its the ancient babylonian mysteries religions way of claiming man can be god and that god didn't want us to be intellectual. Its kinder hypocritical seeing as only 1% or less know the true mysteries yet they leave us in the dark just the same as our true god. -2tuff

Statue of Liberty: No Longer a Symbol of Freedom

Frederick Meekins | September 22 2006

For over a century, the Statue of Liberty stood in New York Harbor proudly extolling American values to the world, even doing so defiantly in the face of those finding this country an affront to their despotic aspirations and morays. However, as factions within the government conspire to use the war on terror as a smokescreen behind which to continue the transformation of the American people into docile minions of conformity, it seems Lady Liberty no longer stands quite so bravely because her caretakers compel her to cower before the forces of evil from both within and without this great nation.

Since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, access to the statue has been curtailed and severely limited. The interior of the landmark was closed for nearly three years following the terrorist incident. And as with other aspects of American life, from that day forward the tragedy was invoked as an excuse one could not question without having one’s patriotism assailed to keep the upper reaches of the statue off limits in perpetuity.

In 2004, the Park Service begrudgingly reopened parts of the complex. However, to symbolize our status as pawns of the totalist state, visitors are only allowed now to go as high as the pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands.

Such a limitation brings to mind one or two apt metaphors.

First, one might say being forced to stop beneath the statue’s feet is comparable to Orwell’s symbol representing the future of a boot forever pressing down around the neck of mankind. Second, being forced to look up Lady Liberty’s skirt at where her unmentionables would be if she was a real dame reminds freedom loving people everywhere of the numerous perverts holding elected and bureaucratic office that derive a voyeuristic pleasure rummaging through metaphorical underwear drawers all in the name of homeland security in pursuit of information to which these authorities have no right or legitimate purpose.

After the Bible, probably one of the best sources of insight into human nature is none other than "The Simpsons". In one scene fraught with prophetic implications that one had to laugh at or you’d end up crying because deep down you just know that someday it will probably come true, giant robots reminiscent of the Sentinels from the X-Men were shown whipping tourists (or prisoners since with the amount of surveillance these days in public places its increasingly difficult to make the distinction) as they file past the Capitol and Washington Monument.

If the American people are to be forbidden from enjoying Lady Liberty to her fullest, then why should we be compelled to pay for her upkeep? For as a holding of the National Park Service, isn’t the statue maintained for the enjoyment of the American people?

If not, just go ahead and sell her altogether to the highest bidder like some barroom floozy as was predicted on an episode of Dark Angel. At least that way we’ll be done with the hypocrisy.

To shame those opposed to open borders, those locked behind their gated communities and walled estates in need of an unending stream of cheap illegal labor tell us, if the Statue of Liberty is to continue as a beloved symbol of the United States, immigration must continue unabated. Ironically, had those coming to our shores (who actually wanted to be Americans unlike the immigrants of today) had caved so easily to their fears in a manner similar to that which these very same elites counsel in reaction to terrorism they would have never come here in the first place.

Don’t we owe it to their memory to keep access to the Statue of Liberty as free as her name implies?